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new books in algebra number theory related topics the book of numbers describes natural numbers in terms of their nature laws history and current status 368pp 978-981-4759-43-4 us$58 £48 abstract algebra 2nd edition introduction to groups rings and fields with applications contains applications to demonstrate the power of the abstract ideas introduced 576pp 978-981-4730-54-9pbk us$68 £56 a first course in linear algebra contemporary developments in finite fields and applications include cryptography coding theory structure of finite fields algorithms curves over finite fields and further applications 372pp 978-981-4719-25-4 us$118 £98 elementary introduction to applied matrix theory and its new results obtained in recent years £40 uses straightforward and simple english and is especially useful for students who are not native speakers of english exercises in linear algebra 388pp 978-981-3143-11-1pbk us$48 £40 232pp 978-981-3143-04-3pbk us$38 £32 automated inequality proving and discovering algebra logic and combinatorics contains 400 exercises of which 200 are solved contains many detailed demos on how to use the tools based on the algorithms leads readers from a basic foundation to an advanced level understanding of algebra logic and combinatorics 344pp 978-981-4759-11-3 us$118 184pp 978-1-78634-030-6pbk us$38 £32 £98 bridges the gap between the more conceptual and computational oriented undergraduate classes to the more abstract oriented classes 208pp 978-981-4723-77-0pbk us$36 £30 an introduction to applied matrix analysis 144pp 978-981-4749-46-6 us$48 linear algebra as an introduction to abstract mathematics matrices algebra analysis and applications deals with advanced topics in matrix theory using the notions and tools from algebra analysis geometry and numerical analysis 596pp 978-981-3141-03-2pbk us$69 £57 add these books to your library s collection  recommend them to your librarian today for orders or enquiries please contact any of our offices below or visit us at • north south america world scientific publishing co inc 27 warren street suite 401-402 hackensack nj 07601 usa fax 1-201-487-9656 tel 1-201-487-9655 email • europe the middle east world scientific publishing uk ltd journals 57 shelton street london wc2h 9he uk fax +44 020 7836 2020 tel +44 020 7836 0888 email books c/o marston book services p o box 269 abingdon oxon ox14 4yn uk fax 44 0 123 546 5555 tel 44 0 123 546 5500 email • asia the rest world scientific publishing co pte ltd of the world 5 toh tuck link singapore 596224 fax 65 6467 7667 tel 65 6466 5775 email prices subject to change without prior notice printedin 4nov 2017 new digital jersey • london • singapore beijing • shanghai • tianjin • hong kong • taipei • chennai • tokyo • munich prefer view this •online at http sp qw 11 17 04 e