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world scientific connecting great minds new in mathematical analysis differential integral equations new edition of bestseller lectures problems and solutions for ordinary differential equations 2nd edition weighted inequalities of hardy type 2nd edition by yuefan deng stony brook university usa a winning feature of the text is obviously a nice selection of problems many of which feature applications in natural sciences and engineering the book can be warmly recommended as a good source of problems both for the lecturer and for the students independent study zentralblatt math this book addresses practical issues of composing and solving differential equations by demonstrating the detailed solutions of more than 1,000 examples the 2nd edition with at least 100 more examples and five added subsections has been restructured to flow more pedagogically readership undergraduate students and entry level graduate students in science and engineering by alois kufner academy of sciences

topics and methods in q-series by james mc laughlin west chester university usa the book provides a comprehensive introduction to the many aspects of the subject of basic hypergeometric series the book essentially assumes no prior knowledge but eventually provides a comprehensive introduction to many important topics after developing a treatment of historically important topics such as the q-binomial theorem heine s transformation the jacobi triple product identity ramanujan s 1-psi-1 summation formula bailey s 6-psi-6 summation formula and the rogers-fine identity the book goes on to delve more deeply into important topics such as bailey and wp-bailey pairs and chains q-continued fractions and mock theta functions there are also chapters on other topics such as lambert series and combinatorial proofs of basic hypergeometric identities 400pp nov 2017 978-981-3224-17-9 us$138 £121 978-981-3223-36-3pbk us$68 £60 operator functions and operator equations by michael i gil ben

a friendly approach to functional analysis by amol sasane london school of economics uk this book constitutes a concise introductory course on functional analysis for students who have studied calculus and linear algebra the topics covered are banach spaces continuous linear transformations frechet derivative geometry of hilbert spaces compact operators and distributions the book includes selected applications of functional analysis to differential equations optimization physics classical and quantum mechanics and numerical analysis it contains 197 problems meant to reinforce the fundamental concepts the inclusion of detailed solutions to all the exercises makes the book ideal also for self-study the book is written specifically for undergraduate students 396pp apr 2017 978-1-78634-333-8 us$118 £98 978-1-78634-334-5pbk us$68 £56 an introduction to analysis by piotr mikusinski university of central florida usa jan mikusinski the undergraduate textbook contains a rigorous

more new books applications of calculus to biology and medicine case studies from lake victoria includes projects problems and exercises 272pp 978-981-3222-77-9 us$95 £84 smooth analytic continuation from calculus to complex analysis by way of plenty of practical examples and workedout exercises 208pp 978-981-3108-51-6pbk us$38 method of lines analysis of turing models discussion of numerical methods and associated computer routines for reaction-diffusion systems of varying form 268pp 978-981-3226-69-2 us$88 a quick introduction to complex analysis £32 problems and solutions in introductory and advanced matrix calculus 2nd edition extensive collection of problems with detailed solutions in introductory and advanced matrix calculus £77 basic theory of fractional differential equations 2nd edition 568pp 978-981-3143-79-1pbk us$68 380pp 978-981-3148-16-1 us$125 first book that deals with quantum calculus on finite intervals devoted to a rapidly developing area on the