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new in financial engineering forthcoming textbook investment analytics theory and practice by bernard lee hedgespa usa investment analytics theory and practice consists of illustrations that are “real-world” practical investment problems this textbook is designed for advanced undergraduates hoping to acquire a solid introduction to investment analytics used by the asset management industry mathematical engineering graduates seeking to move into investment-related role and investment professionals looking to get up to date on advanced investment analytics used by leading global asset managers contents include asset selection equity fixed income commodities alternative investments and real estate common derivatives alpha selection and factor exposure portfolio construction singlefactor models multi-factor models detecting and trading misvaluation portfolio construction and market execution rebalancing and modeling market impact active returns and composite benchmarks

new notable titles in financial engineering textbook forthcoming financial mathematics for actuaries 2nd edition modern trends in financial engineering stochastic drawdowns by wai-sum chan the chinese university of hong kong hong kong yiu-kuen tse singapore management university singapore by hongzhong zhang columbia university usa stochastic drawdowns consists of some recent advances on dr hongzhong zhang’s own quantitative research of the well-known risk measures drawdowns and maximum drawdowns in this book the author provides an extensive probabilistic study of different aspects of drawdown risks which include the drawdown risk in finite time-horizons the speed of market crashes drawdowns the frequency of drawdowns the occupation time time in distress and the duration of drawdowns leveraging the knowledge in stochastic calculus lé vy processes and optimal stopping these topics can be considered as problems in advanced applied stochastic processes and

new notable titles in financial engineering the economic foundations of risk management theory practice and applications by robert jarrow cornell the economic foundations of risk management presents the theory the practice and applies this knowledge to provide a forensic analysis of some well-known risk management failures by doing so this book introduces a unified framework for understanding how to manage the risk of an individual’s or corporation’s or financial institution’s assets and liabilities also included are case studies of famous risk management failures such as the penn square bank metallgesellschaft orange county barings bank long term capital management and washington mutual 208pp 978-981-3147-51-5 978-981-3149-96-0pbk jan 2017 us$75 us$38 £62 £32 world scientific series in finance vol 9 great investment ideas by william t ziemba ubc london school of economics uk “great investment ideas is perfectly titled by collecting bill

recommended titles in financial engineering global derivative debacles 2nd edition from theory to malpractice best seller by laurent l jacque tufts university usa hec school of management france jul 2015 us$99 us$60 derivatives algorithms volume 1 bones 2nd edition £87 £52 best seller by tom hyer reviews of the first edition “aristotle once said ‘ those who know do those who understand teach’ the quantitative finance community is very lucky that tom hyer who both knows and understands has written this short book it covers a lot of ground and shows the why and the how of industrial-scale derivatives pricing and risk management this book is a must for practitioners and useful for academics as well.” alexander lipton co-head of the global quantitative group bank of america merrill lynch and visiting professor of mathematics imperial college london 348pp 978-981-4699-51-8 a conceptual framework of understanding by michael dempsey rmit university australia

recommended titles in financial engineering handbook textbook world scientific handbook in financial economics series vol 4 financial hacking evaluate risks price derivatives structure trades and build your intuition quickly and easily by philip maymin new york university usa “this book distinguishes itself from many other books in financial engineering by tackling various problems from the real financial world in an intuitive and practical way it serves to help readers gain more understanding knowledge and insights on arbitrage risk management options pricing and hedging exotic derivatives and many other interesting topics this book is ideal for those who are curious about the fascinating financial world it is also a good supplement to the standard textbooks in finance and shall benefit students majoring in related programs such as mathematical finance and mba.” dr bin zhou tum chair of mathematical finance 200pp 978-981-4322-55-3 dec 2012 us$54 £45 modeling and

outstanding bestsellers in financial engineering theory of valuation 2nd edition edited by sudipto bhattacharya london school of economics uk george m constantinides university of chicago usa 388pp 978-981-256-374-3 jul 2005 us$145 £120 advanced series on statistical science and applied probability vol 3 world scientific handbook in financial economics series vol 2 efficiency of racetrack betting markets 2008 edition edited by donald b hausch university of wisconsin-madison usa victor sy lo university of british columbia canada william t ziemba university of british columbia canada facts models theory 676pp 978-981-281-918-5 978-981-3203-51-8pbk by albert n shiryaev steklov mathematical institute moscow state university world scientific series in finance vol 4 essentials of stochastic finance 852pp 978-981-02-3605-2 jan 1999 us$99 £82 series in quantitative finance vol 3 option pricing in incomplete markets modeling based on geometric lévy processes and minimal

forthcoming titles in economics finance governance institutions and economic development  emerging china india east asia and brazil by kartik c roy bond university australia university of queensland australia sandip karinternational institute of management sciences india 250pp 978-981-3234-54-3 mar 2018 us$98 £86 handbook world scientific handbook in financial economics series volume 6 handbook of the economics of wine  in 2 volumes volume 1 prices finance and expert opinion volume 2 reputation regulation and market organization edited by orley ashenfelter princeton olivier gergaud kedge business school france karl storchmann new york university usa william ziemba ubc london school of economics uk 900pp mar 2018 978-981-4740-57-9 us$395 £348 a dynamic use of survey data and high frequency model forecasting world scientific lecture notes in finance lecture notes in market microstructure and trading by peter joakim westerholm university of sydney australia 250pp

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