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Catalog New in Geometry & Topology - September 2017

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new in geometry topology differential geometry of warped product manifolds and submanifolds by bang-yen chen michigan state university usa spectral geometry of the laplacian spectral analysis and differential geometry of the laplacian by hajime urakawa tohoku university japan convergence foundations of topology by szymon dolecki mathematical institute of burgundy france frédéric mynard new jersey city university usa the first part of this volume provides a selfcontained and accessible introduction to the important subject of pseudo-riemannian manifolds and submanifolds the second part presents a detailed and up-to-date account on important results of warped product manifolds including several important spacetimes such as robertson – walker’s and schwarzschild’s the study of warped product submanifolds in various important ambient spaces from an extrinsic point of view was initiated by the author around the beginning of this century the last part of this

new in geometry topology ernest irving freese’s “geometric transformations” differential geometry of curves and surfaces by greg n frederickson purdue university usa by masaaki umehara kotaro yamada tokyo institute of technology japan translated by wayne rossman kobe university japan the best geometric dissections are beautiful and possess economy few pieces symmetry or hingeability they are often challenging to discover ernest irving freese was an architect who lived and worked in los angeles until his death in 1957 freese made elegant drawings of dissections that were both original and clever this book introduces freese and his creations to math puzzle enthusiasts by way of his engaging manuscript his wild adventures and his lovely dissections frederickson also includes remarkable designs that improve on freese’s work and packs this book with nifty illustrations and tidbits that may well leave you speechless the first half of the text is suitable for a

new in geometry topology undergraduate convexity dynamical scale transform in tropical geometry problems and solutions by mikkel slot nielsen victor ulrich rohde aarhus university denmark by tsuyoshi kato kyoto university japan tropical geometry is a kind of dynamical scale transform which connects real rational dynamics with piecewise linear one presented by max and plus algebras a comparison method is given which estimates orbits corresponding to different rational dynamics by reduction to the piecewise linear dynamics both rational and piecewise linear dynamics appear in many important branches of mathematics tropical geometry can play a role or function to bridge between different subjects in mathematics this book contains detailed accounts of basic strategy on how to apply tropical geometry to analysis in various mathematical subjects by presenting several applications readership graduate students and researchers 272pp 978-981-4635-36-3 dec 2016 us$78 £65 exercises and

new in geometry topology harmonic analysis and fractal analysis over local fields and applications illustrate clear comparison between harmonic analysis on euclidean spaces and that on local fields and at the same time provide motivations underlying the new concepts and techniques generalizations of finite metrics and cuts constructs full theory of main classes of finite generalized metrics and their polyhedral aspects 320pp 978-981-4740-39-5 us$128 £106 332pp 978-981-3200-49-4 us$118 £98 periods and special functions in transcendence introduction to central results in transcendental number theory with application to periods and special values of modular and hypergeometric functions lecture notes on generalized heegaard splittings well written notes with exercises in each chapter examples and proof are depicted with many figures 140pp 978-981-3109-11-7 us$58 £48 228pp 978-1-78634-294-2 us$98 £81 genericity in polynomial optimization explains recent developments