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Catalog New in Mathematical Physics & Related - April 2018

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new books mathematical physics more prefer digital view this flyer online at http noncommutative cosmology by matilde marcolli california institute of technology usa perimeter institute for theoretical physics canada university of toronto canada modified gravity models play an important role in contemporary theoretical cosmology the present book proposes a novel approach to the topic based on techniques from noncommutative geometry especially the spectral action functional as a gravity model it discusses applications to early universe models and slow-roll inflation models to the problem of cosmic topology to non-isotropic cosmologies like mixmaster universes and bianchi ix gravitational instantons and to multifractal structures in cosmology relations between noncommutative and algebro-geometric methods in cosmology is also discussed including the occurrence of motives periods and modular forms in spectral models of gravity readership graduate students and

the linearised dam-break problem a guide to mathematical methods for physicists advanced topics by michela petrini university pierre and marie curie france gianfranco pradisi university of rome tor vergata italy alberto zaffaroni university of milano-bicocca italy this book provides a self-contained and rigorous presentation of the main mathematical tools needed to approach many courses at the last year of undergraduate in physics and msc programs from electromagnetism to quantum mechanics the different arguments are organised in three main sections complex analysis differential equations and hilbert spaces covering most of the standard mathematical method tools in modern physics one of the purposes of the book is to show how seemingly different mathematical tools are all deeply interconnected it contains a large number of examples problems and detailed solutions emphasising the main purpose of relating concrete physical examples with more formal mathematical aspects 276pp

quantum techniques in stochastic mechanics by john baez uc riverside centre for quantum technologies singapore jacob d biamonte skolkovo institute of science and technology russia we introduce the theory of chemical reaction networks and their relation to stochastic petri nets — important ways of modeling population biology and many other fields we explain how techniques from quantum mechanics can be used to study these models this relies on a profound and still mysterious analogy between quantum theory and probability theory which we explore in detail we also give a tour of key results concerning chemical reaction networks and petri nets readership graduate students and researchers in the field of quantum and mathematical physics 276pp 978-981-3226-93-7 apr 2018 us$98 £86 fractional kinetics in space anomalous transport models by vladimir uchaikin renat sibatov ulyanovsk state university russia this book describes a new direction in modeling processes taking place in

the mereon matrix everything connected through knothing edited by jytte brender mcnair aalborg university denmark lynnclaire dennis the mereon legacy cic uk louis h kauffman university of illinois at chicago usa 904pp jun 2018 978-981-3233-55-3 us$198 £174 43 visions for complexity edited by stefan thurner complexity science hub vienna austria 92pp jan 2017 978-981-3206-84-7 us$28 £23 chemotaxis reaction network mathematics for self-organization by takashi suzuki osaka university japan 320pp jul 2018 978-981-3237-73-5 us$118 £104 high accuracy algorithm for the differential equations governing anomalous diffusion algorithm and models for anomalous diffusion by weihua deng zhijiang zhang lanzhou university china 350pp jul 2018 978-981-3142-20-6 us$128 nonconventional limit theorems and random dynamics by yeor hafouta yuri kifer hebrew university of jerusalem israel 300pp jun 2018 978-981-3235-00-7 us$98 £86 white noise analysis and quantum