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Catalog New in Mathematical Physics & Related Topics - November 2017

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new in mathematical related physics topics noncommutative cosmology by matilde marcolli california institute of technology usa modified gravity models play an important role in contemporary theoretical cosmology the present book proposes a novel approach to the topic based on techniques from noncommutative geometry especially the spectral action functional as a gravity model the book discusses applications to early universe models and slow-roll inflation models to the problem of cosmic topology to non-isotropic cosmologies like mixmaster universes and bianchi ix gravitational instantons and to multifractal structures in cosmology relations between noncommutative and algebro-geometric methods in cosmology is also discussed including the occurrence of motives periods and modular forms in spectral models of gravity readership graduate students and researchers in mathematical physics and theoretical cosmology 250pp 978-981-3202-83-2 978-981-3202-84-9pbk impact factor feb 2018 us$75

new in mathematical physics related topics elementary mechanics in 2 volumes by john g papastavridis georgia institute of technology usa langevin and fokker – planck equations and their generalizations key features • no volume of such scope in terms of comprehensiveness level readability multiple complementary notations clear figures extensive list of references bibliography has ever been written in any languages like the author’s other mechanics works this is a unique and “best buy” book see • the project has already drawn very encouraging and enthusiastic comments from several distinguished academic colleagues and professionals from the us europe and russia • the author based on his experience with his other mechanics books can confidently state that this unique rigorous yet reader-friendly work will become quite popular and properly marketed a best seller in the field descriptions and solutions 1680pp

new in mathematical physics related topics problems and solutions in differential geometry lie series differential forms relativity and applications the wigner transform by maurice de gosson university of vienna austria both introductory and advanced topics are introduced in an easy-to-digest manner with the materials of the volume being self-contained in particular curves surfaces riemannian and pseudo-riemannian manifolds hodge duality operator vector fields and lie series differential forms matrix-valued differential forms maurer – cartan form and the lie derivative are covered readers will find useful applications to special and general relativity yang – mills theory hydrodynamics and field theory besides the solved problems each chapter contains stimulating supplementary problems and software implementations are also included the volume will not only benefit students in mathematics applied mathematics and theoretical physics but also researchers in the field of

new in mathematical physics related topics non-commutative analysis features new directions in analysis with an emphasis on hilbert space mathematical physics and stochastic processes 564pp 978-981-3202-12-2pbk us$88 £73 dynamical and complex systems leads readers from a basic foundation to an advanced level understanding of dynamical and complex systems 228pp 978-1-78634-102-0 us$98 £81 analysis and mathematical physics concise reference book on analysis and mathematical physics 248pp 978-1-78634-098-6 us$98 £81 the principles of newtonian and quantum mechanics 2nd edition an introduction to geometrical physics 2nd edition deterministic chaos in one dimensional continuous systems focuses on the unifying power of the geometrical language in bringing together concepts from many different areas of physics computational analysis of nonlinear vibrations of structural members beams plates panels shells 844pp 978-981-3146-81-5pbk us$88 £73 576pp 978-981-4719-69-8