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new books in nonlinear science chaos dynamical systems selected papers of john h holland a pioneer in complexity science edited by jan wouter vasbinder helena hong gao ntu singapore with his work on computer logic john h holland became one of the most important founders of modern computer science people who knew john h holland were all amazed and deeply influenced by his incredibly imaginative and creative mind he produced many more ideas than he could follow up in his life time this selection of his papers in the field of computer logic entails many of his explored and unexplored ideas revisiting the explored ideas and exploring the unexplored ones should be of great interest to scientists of all ages and of great value to the current research not only in computer science but in many other fields as well readership physicists mathematicians computer scientists researchers and theorists interested in multi-disciplinary research 260pp 978-981-3234-76-5 jan 2018 us$118 £104

new books in nonlinear science chaos dynamical systems control of imperfect nonlinear electromechanical large scale systems hot selling exploring complexity vol 3 43 visions for complexity from dynamics to hardware implementation edited by stefan thurner complexity science hub vienna austria coping with the complexities of the social world in the 21st century requires deeper quantitative and predictive understanding forty-three internationally acclaimed scientists and thinkers share their vision for complexity science in the next decade in this invaluable book topics cover how complexity and big data science could help society to tackle the great challenges ahead 92pp 978-981-3206-84-7 jan 2017 us$28 £23 148pp 978-981-3227-23-1 east – west connections edited by balázs gulyás jan w vasbinder ntu singapore this book is a unique compilation of stateof-the-art overviews of how the human brain is organised and functions in order to achieve high level of social moral or

new books in nonlinear science chaos dynamical systems lectures in nonlinear mechanics and chaos theory grammar of complexity it turns out that many simple mechanical systems suffer from a peculiar malady they are deterministic in the sense that their motion can be described with partial differential equations but these equations have no proper solutions and the behavior they describe can be wildly unpredictable this is implicit in newtonian physics and although it was analyzed in the pioneering work of poincaré in the 19th century its full significance has only been realized since the advent of modern computing this book follows this development in the context of classical mechanics it features numerous computer-drawn figures illustrating the behavior of nonlinear systems it also contains homework exercises and a selection of more detailed computational projects the book will be valuable to students and faculty in physics mathematics and engineering the book is an introduction

all-time bestsellers nonlinear science chaos dynamical systems dynamical and complex systems edited by shaun bullett queen mary university of london uk tom fearn frank smith university college london uk this book leads readers from a basic foundation to an advanced level understanding it is the perfect text for graduate or phd mathematicalscience students looking for support in topics such as applied dynamical systems lotka – volterra dynamical systems applied dynamical systems theory dynamical systems in cosmology aperiodic order and complex systems dynamics 228pp 978-1-78634-102-0 feb 2017 us$98 £81 fractal physiology and chaos in medicine 2nd edition by bruce j west army research office usa this exceptional book is concerned with the application of fractals and chaos as well as other concepts from nonlinear dynamics to biomedical phenomena herein we seek to communicate the excitement being experienced by scientists upon making application of these concepts within the

journals in nonlinear science chaos dynamical systems honorary editor-in-chief leon o chua university of california berkeley usa editor-in-chief guanrong ron chen  city university of hong kong hong kong papers by world-renowned experts the pitchfork bifurcation indika rajapakse steve smale 10.1142/s0218127417501322 advances in shell buckling theory and experiments j michael t thompson 10.1142/s0218127415300013 dynamics of memristor circuits makoto itoh leon o chua 10.1142/s0218127414300158 the many facets of chaos evelyn sander and james a yorke 10.1142/s0218127415300116 t sa e l c rti d a /ijbc e r tu fea o t ss ientifiisting eccxcea orlds your eaerrowtofp e log in gister f y this t t h eas r re enjo pl ount o nt to u acc acco rf ee world scientific prefer digital view this online at http

journals in nonlinear science chaos dynamical systems impac factort complex geometry patterns and scaling in nature and society 1.540 “the investigation of phenomena involving complex geometry patterns and scaling has gone through a spectacular development in the past decades for this relatively short time geometrical and/or temporal scaling have been shown to represent the common aspects of many processes occurring in an unusually diverse range of fields including physics mathematics biology chemistry economics technology and human behavior as a rule the complex nature of a phenomenon is manifested in the underlying intricate geometry which in most of the cases can be described in terms of objects with non-integer fractal dimension in other cases the distribution of events in time or various other quantities show specific scaling behavior thus providing a better understanding of the relevant factors determining the given processes.” honorary editor emeritus b b