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new in probability statistics d n 2n itio d e probability models and applications 2nd edition corrected second edition by ingram olkin stanford leon j gleser university of pittsburgh usa cyrus derman columbia university usa written by renowned experts in the field this authorized reissue of an undergraduate textbook has as its unifying theme the role that probability models have had and continue to have in scientific and practical applications it includes many examples with actual data of real-world use of probability models while expositing the mathematical theory of probability at an introductory calculus-based level detailed descriptions of the properties and applications of probability models that have successfully modeled real phenomena are given as well as an explanation of methods for testing goodness of fit of these models readers will receive a firm foundation in techniques for deriving distributions of various summaries of data that will prepare them for subsequent

new in probability statistics estimations and tests in change-point models by odile pons inra national institute for agronomical research france this book provides a detailed exposition of the specific properties of methods of estimation and test in a wide range of models with changes they include parametric and nonparametric models for samples series point processes and diffusion processes with changes at the threshold of variables or at a time or an index of sampling the book contains many new results and fills a void in statistics literature where the asymptotic properties of the estimators and test statistics in singular models are not sufficiently developed it is suitable for graduate students and scientific researchers working in the industry governmental laboratories and academia 300pp 978-981-3231-76-4 mar 2018 us$118 £104 a course in game theory by thomas s ferguson ucla games are characterized by a number of players or decision makers who interact possibly threaten each

new in probability statistics simulating copulas 2nd edition stochastic models sampling algorithms and applications by jan-frederik mai xaia investment ag germany matthias scherer technische universität münchen germany “the book is essentially self-contained as the reader interested in copulas from the simulation point of view will find all necessary material in it including an introduction to copulas if he has never been exposed to them both the theoretical and practical frameworks emerge quite clearly from the book in any case the rich bibliography contains all the references required for further in-depth analyses of specific issues i think that the authors did a very good job filling a gap in the statistical literature and providing a contribution that is going to be particularly helpful to statisticians without a specific background in copulas.” mathematical reviews readership advanced undergraduate and graduate students practitioners who implement models in

new in probability statistics handbook of medical statistics the fence methods basic discrete mathematics logic set theory and probability a hands-on textbook with enough pictures and diagrams to appeal to visual learners introduces a general data-driven procedure and let the data speak in choosing some critical tuning constants 732pp 978-981-3147-54-6pbk us$78 £65 248pp 978-981-4596-06-0 us$96 abstract methods in information theory 2nd edition limit theorems for nonlinear cointegrating regression an introduction to the fundamental concepts presents the fundamental concepts of information theory in a friendly-simple present information channels in the environment of functional analysis operator theory and probability theory provides the limit theorems that can be used in the development of nonlinear cointegrating regression 368pp 978-981-3208-83-4pbk us$34 £28 412pp 978-981-4759-23-6 us$130 272pp 978-981-4675-62-8 us$118 inference asymptotics and applications