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world scientific connecting great minds new notable titles in biochemistry bestselling author luminous pursuit jellyfish gfp and the unforeseen path to the nobel prize by osamu shimomura marine biological laboratory usa sachi shimomura virginia commonwealth university usa john h brinegar virginia commonwealth university usa this book narrates the uniquely intertwined life and scientific career of nobel laureate osamu shimomura with particular attention to his discovery of aequorin and green fluorescent protein gfp it includes his early memories of manchuria and wartime japan featuring an eyewitness account of the atomic bombing of nagasaki his postwar studies and his travels to collect and research more than fifteen bioluminescent species in locations ranging from japan to san juan island bermuda new zealand and norway dr shimomura describes the unique combination of serendipity and perseverance that led ultimately to his 2008 nobel prize in chemistry the book provides an engaging

series in structural biology frontiers in nanobiomedical research vol 10 a guide to enzyme catalysis and protein folding edited by donglu shi university of cincinnati usa qing liu tongji university china structure and mechanism in protein science tissue engineering and nanotheranostics by alan fersht university of cambridge uk a treatment of both enzyme catalysis and protein folding would usually be a multi-author text edited by at least one expert from each field but alan fersht has been a pioneer in both areas giving this book a unique and coherent perspective gregory a petsko nature this book provides a comprehensive overview of current achievements in biomedical applications of nanotechnology including stem cell based regenerative medicine medical imaging cell targeting drug delivery and photothermal/photodynamic cancer therapy readership university students and researchers from diversified backgrounds such as physics materials science engineering and chemistry while the

bestseller electrically active materials for medical devices edited by syed a m tofail university of limerick ireland joanna bauer wroclaw university of technology poland this book builds on this knowledge and encourages readers to understand and exploit electrical activity in biomaterials from native derived or completely synthetic origin or a combination thereof it presents data and insights from both historic and contemporary research that spans over six decades with a view to generate convergence of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills readership graduate students and researchers in the fields of biomedical engineering physics chemistry biology and clinical medicine 576pp 978-1-78326-986-0 oct 2016 us$190 £158 bestselling textbook metallomics a primer of integrated biometal sciences by wolfgang maret king s college london uk metallomics is a fascinating small book easy to read for everybody with a basic knowledge of chemistry and biology which will undoubtedly stimulate at

bestseller related titles bioluminescence chemical principles and methods revised edition by osamu shimomura nobel laureate the marine biological laboratory usa this book is an authoritative monograph on the recent progresses in the chemistry of bioluminescence it provides a comprehensive overview of the past and the latest developments in understanding the biochemical mechanisms of some 35 different types of luminous organisms together with information helpful to students and researchers in an appendix readership biologists chemists analytical chemists biomedical chemists students in biochemistry 496pp 978-981-4366-08-3 mar 2012 us$149 £131 molecular machines edited by benoit roux university of chicago usa the goal of this volume is to provide an introduction to the world of biological molecular machines to a broad audience of students and researchers in biosciences each chapter is written by leading experts to cover results from cutting-edge research while remaining broadly

series in structural biology volume 6 structure and action of molecular chaperones machines that assist protein folding in the cell analytical applications of ionic liquids edited by mihkel koel tallinn university of technology estonia by lila m gierasch university of massachusetts amherst usa  arthur l horwich yale school of medicine usa  christine slingsby university of london uk  sue wickner national cancer institute usa  david agard uc san francisco this book reviews the current research in analytic chemistry covering subjects as diverse as separation science chromatography spectroscopy and analytical electrochemistry this unique volume reviews the beautiful architectures and varying mechanical actions of the set of specialized cellular proteins called molecular chaperones which provide essential kinetic assistance to processes of protein folding and unfolding in the cell 436pp 978-1-78634-071-9 readership cell and molecular biologists

bestseller cures vs profits gmo sapiens successes in translational research by james lyons-weiler institute for pure and applied knowledge usa the life-changing science of designer babies by paul knoepfler uc davis this book is devoted to those interested in the progress of clinical medicine allowing everyone to critically review recent successes in biomedical research and to formulate a personal opinion based on the facts reported enjoyable to read and informative this is a book that typically leaves the reader thinking seriously about the subject discussed even long after finishing reading acta crystallographica 360pp mar 2016 978-981-4730-13-6 us$39 £32 978-981-4730-14-3pbk us$18 £15 knoepfler provides useful and accessible summaries of the public debates that surrounded the introduction of gmo foods ivf attempts at human cloning and our current fascination with mitochondrial replacement you should read both this book and knoepfler s blog if you are not a blog person i

journal of theoretical and computational chemistry http indexed in web of science and scopus related articles in biochemistry multiscale multiphysics and multidomain models i basic theory bioinformatics evaluation of novel ribosome display-selected single chain variable fragment scfv structure with factor h binding protein through docking doi 10.1142/s021963361341006x doi 10.1142/s0219633617500213 benchmark of electronic structure methods for protein–ligand interactions based on high-level reference data mechanisms for the deamination reaction of 8-oxoguanine catalyzed by 8-oxoguanine deaminase a combined qm/mm molecular dynamics study doi 10.1142/s0219633615400015 doi 10.1142/s0219633616500668 linear photoabsorption spectra and vertical excitation energies of microsolvated dna nucleobases in aqueous solution doi 10.1142/s0219633617500286 absorption spectra of nucleic acid bases in water environment insights into from combined qm/mm and

the world scientific encyclopedia of nanomedicine and bioengineering new frontiers in nanobiomedical research vol 9 frontiers in nanobiomedical research vol 5 the world scientific encyclopedia of nanomedicine and bioengineering ii the world scientific encyclopedia of nanomedicine and bioengineering i bioimplants regenerative medicine and nano-cancer diagnosis and phototherapy a 3-volume set nanotechnology for translational medicine tissue engineering biological sensing medical imaging and therapeutics a 4-volume set edited by maoquan chu tongji university china jiang chang chinese academy of sciences china edited by yu cheng east hospital tongji university school of medicine china jia huang school of materials science and engineering tongji university china yarong liu pin wang university of southern california usa bingbo zhang tongji university school of medicine china editor-in-chief donglu shi university of cincinnati usa volume 1 synthesis and biomedical applications of