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new notable titles in developmental economics and globalization world scientific studies in international economics vol 59 contributions to the economics of international labor standards edited by arnab k basu nancy h chau cornell this volume organizes and presents a number of new developments in the economics of international labors standards the first part of this volume explores a series of labor market institutions particularly in developing country labor markets so far unexplored in international labor standards debate the second part explores the effectiveness of policy intervention by explicitly recognizing policy implementation challenges in doing so these studies shed light on the pitfalls of wholesale international labor standards prescriptions and advocate instead in favor of case-by-case approach which duly recognize the specific ways in which the labor market deviate from standard assumptions and the realities of policy implementation and enforcement difficulties 444pp 978-981-3142-74-9 sep 2017 us$148 £130 the unwinding of the globalist dream eu russia and china edited by steven rosefielde university of north carolina chapel hill usa masaaki kuboniwa hitotsubashi university japan satoshi mizobata kyoto university japan kumiko haba aoyama gakuin university japan this collection of essays documents and investigates the conflicts in the europe russia and china that sparked populist revolts against the established globalist order in the european union it shows that the populist surge was not an anomaly it was a reflection of the internal contradictions of globalism that sparked nationalist resentment inside the eu and backlashes against western “soft power” aspirations in russia and china the idealist rhetoric of the globalist dream was persuasive it lulled many into believing that the movement should not and could not be stopped until the 2008 global financial crisis started the dream to unwind the essays in this volume show that globalism is not dead but will have to reinvent itself to revive 400pp 978-981-3222-06-9 dec 2017 us$138 £115 world scientific studies in international economics vol 58 international economic integration and domestic performance edited by mary e lovely syracuse university usa international economic integration and domestic performance brings together the essays of mary e lovely focused on the relationship between international economic integration and domestic performance it is a collection of sole-authored and co-authored papers that have been published in various scholarly journals over the last two decades the collection highlights the power of international factor mobility to determine domestic tax burdens to influence welfare implications of domestic policy alternatives and to influence the location of productive factors and their rewards 292pp 978-981-3141-08-7  2 apr 2017 us$98 £81 business government and labor essays on economic development in singapore and southeast asia edited by linda y c lim university of michigan usa business government and labor in the economic development of singapore and southeast asia analyzes the inter-linked and evolving roles of private sector business government public policy and labor markets in the economic development of singapore and its southeast asian neighborhood the essays highlight the determining role of government’s industrial and social policy through to the present day when the growth model of the past faces many external market and domestic resource constraints the final set of essays analyzes the forces underlying women’s employment from labor-intensive southeast asian export factories in the 1980s to singapore’s foreign-labor-dependent economy and its current productivity challenges taken together the essays show how government business and labor interact in the process of economic development 400pp 978-981-3225-25-1 dec 2017 us$138 £121 textbook economic growth and development 3rd edition by hendrik van den berg university of nebraska-lincoln usa mount holyoke college usa this textbook covers the full range of topics and issues normally included in a course on economic growth and development the book’s unique feature is its focus on the natural environment both the historical effects of economic development on the environment and the environmental constraints on future economic development are thoroughly discussed also included is a thorough historical account of the principal paradigms of economic development and the important issues of institutional development and cultural change 924pp nov 2016 978-981-4733-33-5pbk us$98 £81 backlist world scientific studies in international economics vol 53 multinational enterprises and host country development holger görg kiel institute for the world economy germany world scientific lecture notes in economics vol 2 economics of the middle east development challenges julia c devlin brookings institution usa world scientific studies in international economics vol 42 developing countries in the world economy jaime de melo ferdi france university of geneva switzerland advanced research on asian economy and economies of other continents vol 9 economic development of taiwan early experiences and the pacific trade triangle frank s t hsiao university of colorado boulder usa mei-chu wang hsiao university of colorado denver usa foreign direct investment and small and medium enterprises productivity and access to finance edited by khee giap tan kong yam tan lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore crisis and recovery learning from the asian experience jong-wha lee korea university south korea crucial agricultural policy analysis of key threats to food security ray trewin australian national university australia world scientific studies in international economics vol 54 globalization the macroeconomic implications of microeconomic heterogeneity andrei a levchenko university of michigan usa world scientific