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new notable titles in developmental economics and globalization institutions institutional change and economic performance in emerging markets by lakshmi iyer harvard business school usa institutions institutional change and economic performance in emerging markets brings together a series of harvard business school case studies on emerging markets this book is an invaluable resource for researchers in the fields of economics business to understand the role of specific economic and political institutions in shaping the business environment and economic growth in emerging markets it gives answers to the following questions when will governments define and enforce property rights when will the division of policy authority across different government agents enable better policy decisions and what are the consequences of globalization for the economic growth and stability of emerging market countries 512pp 978-981-4719-75-9 may 2016 us$148 £123 women work and welfare in the middle east and north africa the role of socio-demographics entrepreneurship and public policies edited by nadereh chamlou former senior advisor the world bank massoud karshenas university of london uk new york university usa in the aftermath of the arab spring and in light of socio-economic and geopolitical challenges facing governments old and new women’s rights and empowerment have gained new urgency and relevance groups in power or groups contesting for power are more conservative than expected and there are serious threats to roll back some of the gains women had achieved over the past years on economic and social fronts this timely book brings together leading regional researchers to offer original research linking gender equality with economic policy reinforcing the agenda from a broad-based perspective mar 2016 us$186 £154 bestseller corruption good governance and economic development contemporary analysis and case studies edited by r n ghosh m a b siddique university of western australia business school australia corruption good governance and economic development adopts a non-eurocentric approach towards good governance issues in asia and africa on practical and theoretical levels edited by r n ghosh and m a b siddique this volume features contributions from distinguished scholars and policy makers who examine whether there is any correlation between the level of corruption in a country and its rate of economic change these chapters are the outcome of major papers that were presented in conferences on the topic of “good governance and economic development” presented in australia and india in june and december 2009 respectively and it is hoped that they will bridge the gap in the area of good governance from a non-western perspective in existing development literature 284pp 978-981-4612-58-6 world scientific by dwight h perkins harvard the economic transformation of china is a collection of essays written by an eminent observer of the chinese economy the book covers the chinese transformation beginning in the 1950s and continuing through the second decade of the twenty-first century it includes an analysis of the forces that held china back before 1949 the nature of the economy as it operated under the soviet model of development and the transformation since 1978 into a “socialist market economy.” the essays of the post-1978 era reflect the author’s view of the state of the reform effort at the time the essay was written and carries the story up to the 2012 – 2013 slowdown in economic growth 516pp aug 2015 978-981-4612-37-1 us$125 £104 978-981-4713-86-3pbk us$58 £48 backlist bestseller 624pp 978-1-78326-733-0 the economic transformation of china feb 2015 us$98 £81 world scientific reference on globalisation in eurasia and the pacific rim in 4 volumes david a dyker university of sussex uk xiudian dai university of hull uk paolo farah west virginia university usa glawcal global law initiatives for sustainable development uk piercarlo rossi university of piemonte orientale italy anthony fielding university of sussex uk editor-in-chief david a dyker world scientific studies in international economics vol 25 priorities and pathways in services reform — part ii political economy studies christopher findlay university of adelaide australia economic growth and income disparity in bric theory and empirical evidence monica das skidmore college usa sandwip kumar das state university of new york albany usa the global economy in transition debt and resource scarcities jørgen Ørstrøm møller institute of southeast asian studies singapore singapore management university singapore copenhagen business school denmark breaking out of the poverty trap case studies from the tibetan plateau in yunnan qinghai and gansu luolin wang ling zhu chinese academy of social sciences china the economics of the middle east and north africa mena joseph pelzman george washington university usa abu dhabi’s vision 2030 an ongoing journey of economic development linda low abu dhabi department of economic development uae goh keng swee a legacy of public service emrys chew chong guan kwa ntu singapore financial inclusion innovation and investments biotechnology and capital markets working for the poor ralph d christy vicki l bogan cornell university usa traps embraced or escaped elites in the economic development of modern japan and china carl mosk university of victoria canada south asia beyond the global financial crisis amitendu palit national university of singapore singapore economic growth centre research monograph series vol 2 economic growth of singapore in the twentieth century historical gdp estimates and empirical investigations ichiro sugimoto soka university japan request for inspection copy email or scan the qr code 3