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connecting great minds new notable titles in marketing long-term impact of marketing a compendium by dominique m hanssens ucla bestselling textbook student friendly price us$59.90 rarely does a scholar consistently produce impactful research for over four decades dominique hanssens is one of those rare scholars whose legendary work on the long-term impact of marketing and public policy is beautifully captured in this book sunil gupta edward w carter professor of business administration harvard business school softcover this book summarizes four decades of marketing science research by professor hanssens and coauthors the book focuses on the topic of inferring long-term marketing impact on business performance from real-world data it presents time-series analytic methods to measure the short and long-term effects of marketing on business performance services marketing people technology strategy 8th edition by jochen wirtz nus singapore christopher lovelock it is a superbly

more information at https mapping managerial implications of green strategy a framework for sustainable innovation by george tesar umeåuniversity sweden university of wisconsin-whitewater usa hamid moini university of wisconsin-whitewater usa olav jull sørensen aalborg university denmark this book investigates how smaller manufacturing enterprises commit to green marketing strategies mapping all major parts of the design process throughout the entire value-creating channel it draws together a comprehensive framework to understand from the perspective of marketing management what managerial considerations are important in committing to green initiatives aimed at an international audience this book is an invaluable resource for managers looking for green solutions and doctoral and graduate students looking for research topics 212pp 978-1-78634-480-9 mar 2018 us$88 £77 lifting productivity in singapore’s retail and food services

more information at https world scientific-now publishers series in business bestseller marketing for economists and life scientists viewing marketing tools as informative and risk reduction demand enhancing by amir heiman hebrew university israel david zilberman uc berkeley this book presents a new perspective on marketing i.e viewing it as a mechanism to reduce pre-purchase risks since products are designed produced and marketed to pre-selected target markets there are consumers whose preferences differ from that design and may find ex post that the product does not fit their needs this long assumed heterogeneity among producers and consumers is viewed as the ground for uncertainty spanning over 18 years of research heiman and zilberman focuses on marketing tools designed to reduce uncertainty and incorporates marketing thinking and principles into an economic framework the mathematical detailing has been reduced to a minimum and the

more information at https bestselling textbook bestseller global marketing management system 2nd edition world scientific-now publishers series in business vol 3 the history of marketing science by basil janavaras minnesota state university usa suresh george coventry university uk this is the second edition of the global marketing management system gmms the gmms approach gmms book gmmso4 software provides a rigorous theoretical base and a comprehensive systematic and integrative planning process designed to guide students and managers alike through the decision-making process of a company seeking global market opportunities the book aims to provide a structure platform tools and a systematic step-by-step process designed to support the creation of a strategic and applied oriented methodology to global business planning and strategy formulation 340pp 978-981-3201-07-1 edited by russell s winer new york university usa scott a neslin