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new notable titles in mathematical economics world scientific studies in international economics vol 52 bestseller microeconometrics of international trade econometric methods and their applications in finance macro and related fields by joachim wagner leuphana university lueneburg germany this volume brings together two comprehensive survey studies of the literature on the microeconometrics of international trade the chapters apply new empirical methods to the analysis of the links between international trade and various dimensions of firm performance such as productivity profitability wages and survival the studies also include report results for germany one of the leading actors on the world markets for goods and services 548pp 978-981-3109-68-1 aug 2016 us$148 £123 edited by kaddour hadri queens university uk william mikhail the american university in cairo egypt the volume aims at providing an outlet for some of the best papers presented at the 15th annual conference of the african econometric society which is one of the “chapters” of the international econometric society many of these papers represent the state of the art in financial econometrics and applied econometric modeling and some also provide useful simulations that shed light on the models’ ability to generate meaningful scenarios for forecasting and policy analysis 616pp 978-981-4513-46-3 math in economics 2nd edition east china normal university scientific reports vol 1 this textbook concisely covers math knowledge and tools useful for business and economics studies including matrix analysis basic math concepts general optimization dynamic optimization and ordinary differential equations basic math tools particularly optimization tools are essential for students in a business school especially for students in economics accounting finance management and marketing it is a standard practice nowadays that a graduate program in a business school requires a short and intense course in math just before or immediately after the students enter the program math in economics aims to be the main textbook for such a crash course textbook request inspection copy at aug 2015 us$88 us$48 £73 £40 £129 bestseller by susheng wang hong kong university of science and technology hong kong 272pp 978-981-4663-21-2 978-981-4663-81-6pbk jun 2014 us$155 k oo xtb te high-frequency trading and probability theory by zhaodong wang weian zheng east china normal university china this book is the first of its kind to treat highfrequency trading and technical analysis as accurate sciences the authors reveal how to build trading algorithms of high-frequency trading and obtain stable statistical arbitrage from the financial market in detail the authors’ arguments are based on rigorous mathematical and statistical deductions and this will appeal to people who believe in the theoretical aspect of the topic investors who believe in technical analysis will find out how to verify the efficiency of their technical arguments by ergodic theory of stationary stochastic processes which form a mathematical background for technical analysis the authors also discuss technical details of the it system design for high-frequency trading 192pp 978-981-4616-50-8 978-981-4616-51-5pbk nov 2014 us$85 us$46 £71 £38 inclusive economic theory by steven rosefielde the university of north carolina chapel hill usa ralph w pfouts the university of north carolina chapel hill usa “all economists and persons who are interested in economics in a serious fashion should hurry to read this book and think its propositions through.” daniel quinn mills professor emeritus harvard business school 220pp 978-981-4566-64-3 jan 2015 us$96 £80 add these books to yourblibrary s collectionb recommend them to your librarian today world scientific series in economic theory vol 6 uncertainty within economic models by lars peter hansen university of chicago usa thomas j sargent new york university usa hoover institution usa “studying this work in real time taught me a lot but seeing it laid out in conceptual rather than chronological order provides even clearer insights into the evolution of this provocative line of research hansen and sargent are two of the best economists of our time they are also among the most dedicated teachers in our profession they have once again moved the research frontier and with this book provide a roadmap for the rest of us to follow this is a must-have for anyone interested in modeling uncertainty ambiguity and robustness.” stanley e zin william r berkley professor of economics and business leonard n stern school of business new york university 484pp 978-981-4578-11-0 world scientific nov 2014 us$98 £81 3f