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new notable titles in bioinformatics analysis of biological systems computational neuroanatomy by corrado priami melissa j morine university of trento italy the methods this book provides extensive coverage of major tools and approaches used in the modeling and simulation of molecular biological systems … the book can also be seen as a useful repository for commonly used algorithms in the field … the quarterly review of biology readership: graduate students in computer science physics mathematics or engineering or biology-related fields who want to better understand how to develop and use models of biological systems practitioners in systems biology who want to understand algorithmic modeling and algorithmic systems biology 432pp 978-1-78326-687-6 mar 2015 us$178 biological data mining and its applications in healthcare edited by xiaoli li astar singapore ntu singapore see-kiong ng astar singapore jason t l wang new jersey institute of technology usa this book will cover the fundamentals of state-of-the-art data mining techniques which have been designed to handle such challenging data analysis problems and demonstrate with real applications how biologists and clinical scientists can employ data mining to enable them to make meaningful observations and discoveries from a wide array of heterogeneous data from molecular biology to pharmaceutical and clinical domains readership:  students professionals those who perform biological medical and bioinformatics research feb 2014 us$138 the book is a comprehensive treatise on computational neuroanatomy — an area that has emerged with the enormous advancements of magnetic resonance imaging mri the book is a solid and evidently needed testimony to the recent developments in the area of computational neuroanatomy it is a welcome publication which may appeal to senior graduate students researchers and practitioners zentralblatt math £148 science engineering and biology informatics volume 8 436pp 978-981-4551-00-7 by moo k chung university of wisconsin-madison usa £115 textbook a gentle introduction to support vector machines in biomedicine volume 2 case studies and benchmarks by alexander statnikov constantin f aliferis new york university usa douglas p hardin vanderbilt university usa isabelle guyon clopinet usa “the authors make a worthy contribution to the informatics in the biomedicine field by introducing various biomedicine applications for which svm can be used successfully the potentials of svm in biomedicine are addressed in a well-written rigorous and engaging manner therefore readers gain a comprehensive perspective on the use of svm in biomedicine applications that will add to their own bank of knowledge ” readership: researchers and graduate students in the fields of computational neuroscience and brain imaging medical image analysis and pattern recognition 420pp 978-981-4335-43-0 oct 2012 us$135 systems biology applications in cancer-related research edited by hsueh-fen juan national taiwan university taiwan hsuan-cheng huang national yang-ming university taiwan this volume presents an overview of recent developments in systems biology and their applications in cancer-related research the ongoing advances in our understanding of genomics and proteomics coupled with the development of new and more robust tools have led to an emphasis on analyzing biological systems at multiple levels thus there is a need to integrate different types of data into a comprehensive “systems” view readership:  this book is an essential source of reference for medical doctors oncologists chemists genome biologists and computational biologists it is also suitable for senior undergraduate graduate students and researchers who are interested in systems biology and cancer research 340pp 978-981-4324-45-8 may 2012 us$105 dr ulas bagci national institutes of health maryland usa readership: biomedical researchers and healthcare professionals who would like to learn about svms and relevant bioinformatics tools but do not have the necessary technical background prefer digital 212pp 978-981-4324-39-7 view this online at http 2 may 2013 us$78 £65 £112 £87