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new notable titles in bioinformatics related titles biocomputing 2017 proceedings of the pacific symposium kohala coast hawaii usa 4 – 8 january 2017 textbook computational chemotaxis models for neurodegenerative disease biocomputing 2016 proceedings of the pacific symposium kohala coast hawaii usa 4 – 8 january 2016 by william e schiesser lehigh university usa edited by russ b altman tiffany a murray teri e klein stanford university usa a keith dunker indiana university usa lawrence hunter university of colorado health sciences center usa marylyn d ritchie the pennsylvania state university usa the mathematical model presented in this book based on partial differential equations pdes describing attractant-repellent chemotaxis is offered for a quantitative analysis of neurodegenerative disease nd e.g alzheimer s disease ad the model is a representation of basic phenomena mechanisms for diffusive transport and biochemical kinetics that provides the spatiotemporal distribution of components which could explain the evolution of nd and is offered with the intended purpose of providing a small step toward the understanding and possible treatment of nd contents • cancer panomics computational methods and infrastructure for integrative analysis of cancer high-throughput omics data 172pp 978-981-3207-45-5 978-981-3208-91-9pbk apr 2017 us$98 us$58 £81 £48 meaning of life and the universe • computational approaches to drug repurposing and pharmacology transforming • detecting and characterizing pleiotropy new methods for uncovering the connection between the complexity of genomic architecture and multiple phenotypes this book charts the author s quest for the meaning of life faced with a dominant knowledge system she regards as incoherent meaningless and often acting against people and planet she shows how contemporary scientific findings across all disciplines already provide an authentic knowledge system that s coherent with life and the universe the aim is to transform science thoroughly from inspiration to research to applications that work for people and planet • personalized medicine from genotypes and molecular phenotypes towards therapy • text and data mining for biomedical discovery readership: academia and industry in the fields of biocomputing bioinformatics and computational biology jan 2016 us$186 £154 jan 2017 us$198 £164 recommended title what every postdoc needs to know by liz elvidge imperial college london uk carol spencely university of surrey uk emma williams ejw solutions ltd uk it is not only the perfect user guide for any current or aspiring postdoc but it should also i believe be required reading for those academics with postdoc management responsibilities £106 £37 indexed in web of science featured articles biophysical properties of subthreshold resonance oscillations and subthreshold membrane oscillations in neurons babak v-ghaffari m kouhnavard t kitajima doi 10.1142/s0218339016500285 modeling vaccine preventable vector-borne infections yellow fever as a case study silvia martorano raimundo hyun mo yang eduardo massad doi 10.1142/s0218339016500108 computational evidence from two correlated data sources at different molecular levels for af-vhd-specific microrna signature wei feng nini rao yongli wan san li ji zheng wei zeng guangbin wang xu chen doi 10.1142/s0218339016500157 a note on sdre control applied in predator-prey model biological control of spider mite panonychus ulmi angelo marcelo tusset vinícius piccirillo jose manoel balthazar doi 10.1142/s0218339016500170 model-based analysis of igf-1 effect on osteoblast and osteoclast regulation in bone turnover wang-hee lee martin r okos doi 10.1142/s0218339016500042 professor james stirling imperial college london 280pp 978-1-78634-234-8 978-1-78634-235-5pbk mar 2017 us$128 us$45 http biocomputing 2017 668pp 978-981-3207-80-6 500pp 978-981-3108-85-1 978-981-3108-86-8pbk journal of biological systems biocomputing 2016 604pp 978-981-4749-40-4 by mae-wan ho institute of science in society uk apr 2017 us$68 us$28 £56 £23 an optimal control model for ebola virus disease sylvie diane djiomba njankou farai nyabadza doi 10.1142/s0218339016500029 3