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journal of bioinformatics and computational biology indexed in web of science and scoupus http synthesizing large-scale species trees using the strict consensus approach jucheol moon oliver eulenstein doi 10.1142/s0219720017400029 featured articles 2017 pass-based approach to predict hiv-1 reverse transcriptase resistance olga tarasova dmitry filimonov vladimir poroikov doi 10.1142/s0219720016500402 drug repurposing and therapeutic anti-microrna predictions for inhibition of oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced vascular smooth muscle cell-associated diseases shun-tsung chen chien-hung huang victor c kok chi-ying f huang jinshuei ciou jeffrey j p tsai nilubon kurubanjerdjit ka-lok ng doi 10.1142/s0219720016500438 sitex 2.0 projections of protein functional sites on eukaryotic genes extension with orthologous genes irina v medvedeva pavel s demenkov vladimir a ivanisenko doi 10.1142/s021972001650044x large-scale parallel genome assembler over cloud computing environment an improved method for predicting interactions between virus and human proteins arghya kusum das praveen kumar koppa sayan goswami richard platania seung-jong park byungmin kim saud alguwaizani xiang zhou de-shuang huang byunkyu park kyungsook han doi 10.1142/s0219720017400030 doi 10.1142/s0219720016500244 -vyvyklyzvylux pyplzwslhzljvu[hj[hu`vmv yvɉjlzilsv^vy]pzp[ zh  ^vyskzjplu[pÄjjvt ࠮ 569  :6  >vysk:jplu[pÄj7 ispzopunv0uj 4,90 ࠮ 967,   40 3, ࠮ 0    9 6- >693 printed in aug 2017 27 warren street suite 401-402 hackensack nj 07601 usa tel 1-201-487-9655 fax 1-201-487-9656 email >vysk:jplu[pÄj7 ispzopun<23[k c/o marston book services p o box 269 abingdon oxon ox14 4yn uk fax 44 0 123 546 5555 tel 44 0 123 546 5500 email >vysk:jplu[pÄj7 ispzopunv7[l3[k 5 toh tuck link singapore 596224 fax 65 6467 7667 tel 65 6466 5775 email prices subject to change without prior notice s/ss/07/17/18/yl