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surgery new notable titles on introductory series in medicine volume 3 surgery for benign oesophageal disorders edited by aleksandar p simić university of belgrade serbia luigi bonavina university of milan italy steven r demeester the oregon clinic usa this book provides a comprehensive overview of the full spectrum of benign oesophageal disorders with an emphasis on surgical approaches there are now new sophisticated diagnostic methods and endoscopic treatment modalities which represent the high level of innovation within the field these innovations are assimilated here through evidence-based chapters written by practitioners and experts in their specific subjects some of the topics include gastroesophageal reflux disease barrett’s oesophagus oesophageal motility disorders oesophageal diverticula oesophageal caustic injuries and discussion of minimally invasive surgery readership: medical students or residents interested in gastroenterology and gastroenterological

new notable titles on surgery gynecology clinics illustrated by sun kuie tay singapore general hospital singapore  this book presents symptom-orientated teaching of gynecology illustrated with a wide range of photographs to simulated real-world learning in clinic settings the content of the book consists of 23 common clinical scenarios which covers the entire spectrum of gynecologic entities this book is suitable for learning of clinical gynecology by medical students residents of gynecology and family physicians as well as gynecology nurses readership: medical students residents of gynecology family physicians and gynecology nurses 250pp 978-981-3229-03-7 feb 2018 us$88 £77 what’s wrong with my gallbladder?  understanding laparoscopic cholecystectomy by wei-liang loh singapore health services singapore  konrad ong university of queensland australia  natalie ngoi national university health system singapore sing shang ngoi nus

new notable titles on surgery related titles exam preparation essential 320 single best answer questions for final year medical students by adam ioannou royal free hospital uk  this book contains 320 questions which have been divided into 11 commonly tested areas of medicine surgery and sub-specialties thus allowing for practice by specialty or by random selection the answers give a detailed explanation of the single best answer and as well as directly answering the question there is information about other aspects of each possible answer to allow the reader to broaden their exam preparation 444pp 978-981-3229-00-6 “ the questions are quite challenging and require more than simple recall really good practice for universities who use two-step questions i also found the explanations to be excellent i genuinely feel like i learn something from each question recommend it very highly!” “fantastic book … expect to be prompted to think through

new notable titles on surgery denver health medical center handbook of surgical critical care  recommended title planning your research and how to write it the practice and the evidence edited by aziz nather nus singapore  by fredric m pieracci & ernest e moore denver health medical center usa university of colorado health sciences center usa  as surgical critical care continues to evolve this handbook provides the framework for the surgical intensivist and focuses specifically on the surgical considerations encountered in the care of the critically ill patient drawing from decades of experience at one of the world’s busiest and most innovative trauma surgical intensive care units the handbook systematically addresses all aspects of surgical critical care readership: surgical intensivists icu doctors 824pp 978-981-4602-18-1 july 2015 us$206 this book is a practical guide for residents and young researchers who are planning to embark on