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young and funded — the science grant the grant writing and crowdfunding guide for young investigators in science authors jean-luc lebrun justin lebrun scientific reach usa 240pp 978-981-3223-23-3 978-981-3223-24-0pbk the grant writing and crowdfunding guide prepares you the young investigator to step up to the challenge of funding your own research and what a challenge writing a successful grant demands much more than a first-class inquisitive scientific mind as you will soon discover raw talent may keep you from drowning in the new world of grants but staying afloat and learning how to swim are two very different things this book presents the best strategies you should adopt prior to taking the grant plunge it will help you draft a reasonable budget plan assemble a winning grant team write a stellar pre-proposal and reassure the funding agencies that the financial risk they take by investing in you will produce great returns the book also helps you write a grant title

research methods a practical guide for students and researchers author willie tan nus singapore for many students doing research is often a joyless struggle this book provides practical advice on how to do research in a concise way it uses classic examples to show how experts conduct their research in different fields allowing this book to be used in different disciplines research methods a practical guide for students and researchers provides a practical guide to students and researchers on how to do their research systematically and professionally the book begins by distinguishing between causal and interpretive sciences it then guides the reader on how to formulate the research question review the literature develop the hypothesis or theoretical framework select a suitable research methodology and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data the book emphasizes integration it does not merely provide a smorgasbord of research designs data collection methods and ways to analyze

bestsellers science research writing for non-native speakers of english by hilary glasman-deal imperial college london uk “i managed to dramatically improve my writing skills the bestt thing is that it is not generic but filled with concrete examples.” ” marko tkalcic c university of ljubljana a 272pp 978-1-84816-309-6 978-1-84816-310-2pbk dec 2009 us$58 £48 us$25 £21 scientific writing 2.0 a reader and writer’s guide by jean-luc lebrun trainer of researchers and scientists from astar research institutes singapore “this guide will be of use to many scientists both new and d familiar to the art of scientific writing consideration of the advice ce provided further develops the analytical reading skills required d to critically review the work of others as well as helping with h the preparation of your own future articles.” chemistry world d 280pp 978-981-4350-59-4 978-981-4350-60-0pbk nov 2011 us$78 £65 us$35 £29 enjoy writing your

bestsellers what every postdoc needs to know by liz elvidge imperial college london uk &duro spencely university of surrey uk emma williams ejw solutions ltd uk 280pp 978-1-78634-234-8 978-1-78634-235-5pbk apr 2017 us$68 £56 us$28 £23 communicating science a practical guide for engineers and physical scientists by raymond boxman tel aviv university israel edith boxman 288pp 978-981-3144-22-4 978-981-3144-23-1pbk feb 2017 us$68 £56 us$32 £27 the grant writer’s handbook how to write a research proposal and succeed by gerard m &udzoh university of south carolina usa eoin o’sullivan university of cambridge uk 252pp 978-1-78326-759-0 978-1-78326-414-8pbk dec 2015 us$58 £48 us$28 £23 planning your research and how to write it edited by aziz nather nus singapore 364pp 978-981-4651-03-5 978-981-4651-04-2pbk dec 2015 us$92 £76 us$38 £32 how to read and critique a scientific research article notes to guide students reading primary literature with