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new related titles on cancer research women’s cancers fusion genes and cancer pathways to living by j richard smith imperial college uk new york university school of medicine usa giuseppe del priore cancer treatment centers of america usa morehouse school of medicine usa edited by ajaikumar b kunnumakkara ganesan padmavathi nand kishor roy indian institute of technology iit guwahati india “doctor–patient collaboration in care and self-management approaches are a cornerstone of 21st century cancer care this book is an excellent resource to help patients and equip them with information they need to anticipate some disease and treatmentrelated difficulties so they can where possible self-manage these with professional support.” dr anne lanceley senior lecturer in women’s cancer ucl readership patients and their relatives medical students doctors nursing students and nurses working within the field of gynaecological cancers 252pp 978-1-78326-729-3

debating cancer related titles the paradox in cancer research by henry h heng wayne state university school of medicine usa this book introduces a new concept of genome theory of cancer evolution in an attempt to unify the field many important and representative but often confusing questions and paradoxes are critically analyzed by comparing gene and genomebased theories the hidden flaws of many popular viewpoints are addressed this discussion is intended to initiate a much-needed critical re-evaluation of current cancer research 464pp 978-981-4520-84-3 dec 2015 us$166 £138 cellular therapy of cancer cancer research has progressed enormously in recent years this review volume will address recent findings in the area of t-cell therapy for cancer including use of tumour infiltrating lymphocytes tils as a therapy for melanoma choice of target antigens advances in engineered receptors methods of gene transfer to t cells review of cell processing methods and clinical trial design

matrix metalloproteinases in health and disease nanomaterials for tumor targeting theranostics sculpting the human body by constance e brinckerhoff geisel school of medicine at dartmouth usa a proactive clinical perspective edited by mingqian tan aiguo wu chinese academy of sciences china this volume summarizes the salient features and functions of mmps and applies this information in a practical manner in order to understand how they contribute to normal physiology and pathology of selected diseases chapters by noted clinicians jean-michel dayer md in rheumatology jian cao md in oncology and peter libby md in cardiology represent important practical and clinically-oriented contributions in this book the most recent progress of main nanomaterials and their applications in tumor targeting theranostics is presented it summarizes the recent advances of current principal nanomaterials in tumor theranostics including magnetic nanomaterials quantum dots mesoporous silica nanoparticles gold

articles on cancer research the american journal of chinese medicine technology an international journal of comparative medicine east and west congratulations to technology’s editors professors martin yarmush and mehmet toner for being elected to the highly prestigious us national academy of engineering in february 2017 ajcm is a quartile 1 journal in jcr ranking integrative complementary medicine general internal medicine ajcm’s impact factor for 2016 is 3.222 epimedin c promotes vascularization during bmp2-induced osteogenesis and tumor-associated angiogenesis vol 45 no 5 2017 doi 10.1142/s0192415x17500598 vitex rotundifolia fruit extract induces apoptosis through the downregulation of atf3-mediated bcl-2 expression in human colorectal cancer cells vol 45 no 4 2017 doi 10.1142/s0192415x17500483 anticancer properties and pharmaceutical applications of plumbagin a review vol 45 no 3 2017 doi 10.1142/s0192415x17500264 ginseng on cancer potential role in modulating