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world scientific connecting great minds by ioannis farmakis martin moskowitz city university of new york usa 872pp 978-981-3142-60-2 978-981-3142-61-9pbk aug 2017 us$178 £148 us$98 £81 by yuefan deng stony brook university usa 572pp 978-981-3226-12-8 978-981-3226-13-5pbk oct 2017 us$118 £104 us$58 £51 edited by dan crisan imperial college london uk 372pp 978-1-78634-382-6 978-1-78634-383-3pbk sep 2017 us$118 £104 us$40 £35 new top downloaded mathematics books by frederic y m wan uc irvine 400pp 978-981-3143-33-3 978-981-3143-70-8pbk oct 2017 us$128 £113 us$78 £69 by benjamin kedem university of maryland college park usa victor de oliveira university of texas at san antonio usa michael sverchkov 200pp 978-981-3200-18-0 by masayoshi hata kyoto university japan 376pp 978-981-3142-81-7 978-981-3142-82-4pbk feb 2017 us$88 £73 us$48 £40 mar 2017 us$98 £81 enrich your library s collection recommend these books to your

algebra number theory combinatorics related introduction to number theory lectures on lie groups by richard michael hill university college london uk 2nd edition 264pp feb 2018 978-1-78634-471-7 us$108 £95 by wu-yi hsiang uc berkeley hong kong university of science and technology 160pp jun 2017 978-981-4740-70-8 us$68 £56 978-981-4740-71-5pbk us$38 £32 crystal bases representations and combinatorics by daniel bump stanford anne schilling uc davis 292pp mar 2017 978-981-4733-43-4 us$118 £98 978-981-4733-44-1pbk us$58 £48 geometry topology differential geometry of warped product manifolds and submanifolds by bang-yen chen michigan state university usa 516pp jul 2017 978-981-3208-92-6 us$158 £131 differential geometry of curves and surfaces by masaaki umehara kotaro yamada tokyo institute of technology japan 328pp jul 2017 978-981-4740-23-4 us$88 £73 978-981-4740-24-1pbk us$48 £42 mathematical analysis a friendly approach to functional analysis by amol sasane

mathematical modeling dynamical systems applications of calculus to biology and medicine case studies from lake victoria by nathan c ryan bucknell university usa dorothy wallace dartmouth college usa 272pp oct 2017 978-981-3222-77-9 us$95 £84 the limits of mathematical modeling in the social sciences by raymond smullyan 288pp jan 2017 978-981-4730-99-0 us$68 £56 978-981-4725-72-9pbk us$24 £20 strong uniformity and large dynamical systems by jozsef beck rutgers the significance of gö university usa del’s incompleteness phenomenon edited by francisco antonio doria universidade federal do rio de janeiro brazil 460pp sep 2017 978-981-4740-74-6 us$158 £139 dynamical and complex systems edited by shaun bullett queen mary university of london uk tom fearn frank smith university college london uk 228pp feb 2017 978-1-78634-102-0 us$98 £81 elements of numerical analysis with mathematica by john loustau hunter college city university of new york usa 164pp nov 2017

more books number theory and its applications ii 288pp jan 2018 978-981-3231-59-7 us$98 emergence of the quantum from the classical £86 an introduction to second order partial differential equations £86 strategy games to enhance problem-solving ability in mathematics 136pp jan 2017 978-981-3146-34-1pbk us$24 £20 £104 a first course in partial differential equations 624pp dec 2017 978-981-3226-43-2 us$138 teaching children to love problem solving 140pp jul 2017 978-981-3208-79-7pbk us$24 £20 probability and statistics for economists 592pp jan 2018 978-981-3228-81-8 us$118 £104 £69 matrix methods and fractional calculus 292pp jan 2018 978-981-3227-52-1 us$98 308pp jan 2018 978-1-78634-414-4 us$118 a reference from birth through adulthood classical and variational solutions 300pp jan 2018 978-981-3229-17-4 us$78 mathematical aspects of quantum processes £121 the principles of newtonian and quantum mechanics 2nd edition the need for