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notable biomedical sciences titles frontiers in nanobiomedical research volume 8 nanobioceramics for healthcare applications bioengineering in wound healing edited by eng san thian nus singapore jie huang university college london uk mamoru aizawa meiji university japan a systems approach edited by martin l yarmush rutgers university usa harvard medical school usa alexander golberg tel aviv university israel “… the book is well organized and comprehensive presenting students researchers and clinicians the opportunity to truly understand this complex field and cutting edge interventions.” robert sheridan harvard medical school readership bioengineers scientists researchers and graduate students outside the field of medicine 396pp 978-981-3144-57-6 may 2017 us$158 £139 this book provides a comprehensive coverage on nanobioceramics and their potential applications in healthcare ground-breaking new discoveries in bioceramics and their properties have meant an

notable biomedical sciences titles world scientific series in membrane science and technology biological and biomimetic applications energy and the environment volume 2 biomedical engineering series on bioengineering and biomedical engineering volume 8 biomedical membranes and bio artificial organs neuroprosthetics edited by dimitrios stamatialis university of twente the netherlands theory and practice 2nd edition this book focusses on the development of biomedical membranes and their applications for bioartificial organs it covers the state of art and main challenges for applying synthetic membranes in these organs it also highlights the importance of accomplishing an integration of engineering with biology and medicine to understand and manage the scientific industrial clinical and ethical aspects of these organs readership researchers professionals undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical engineering bioengineering and membrane science and technology 350pp

notable biomedical sciences titles related titles frontiers in nanobiomedical research vol 5 the world scientific encyclopedia of nanomedicine and bioengineering i matrix metalloproteinases in health and disease nanotechnology for translational medicine tissue engineering biological sensing medical imaging and therapeutics a 4-volume set by constance e brinckerhoff geisel school of medicine at dartmouth usa sculpting the human body edited by yu cheng east hospital tongji university school of medicine china jia huang school of materials science and engineering tongji university china yarong liu pin wang university of southern california usa bingbo zhang tongji university school of medicine china editor-in-chief donglu shi east hospital tongji university school of medicine china university of cincinnati usa new frontiers in nanobiomedical research vol 9 this volume summarizes the salient features and functions of mmps and applies this information in a practical manner to

journals technology molecular frontiers journal http /technology http editor-in-chief professor bengt nordén chalmers university of technology managing editor dr lorie karnath hon molecular frontiers foundation recent articles status of diagnostics for three arbovirus infections in resourcelimited settings kurt pianka alan rothman anubhav tripathi doi 10.1142/s2339547817300025 μneurocircuitry establishing in vitro models of neurocircuits with human neurons joseph a fantuzzo lidia de filippis heather mcgowan nan yang yi-han ng apoorva halikere jing-jing liu ronald p hart marius wernig jeffrey d zahn zhiping p pang doi 10.1142/s2339547817500054 ultrasound imaging and segmentation of bone surfaces a review ilker hacihaliloglu doi 10.1142/s2339547817300049 design and characterization of three-dimensional twist-braid scaffolds for anterior cruciate ligament regeneration shreya madhavarapu rohit rao sarah libring emma fleisher yasonia