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epigenetics in human reproduction and development edited by anna k naumova teruko taketo mcgill university canada epigenetics is defined as heritable changes that do not affect the dna sequence but influence gene expression epigenetic changes occur at the levels of dna histone protein and chromatin structures proper epigenetic modifications are essential for cell differentiation and function during development while some epigenetic modifications are passed on from parents to offspring through gametes therefore alterations of epigenetic states would have serious consequences for human development and health this realization and the advent of new technologies have encouraged the advance of epigenetic studies in recent years nonetheless many aspects of epigenetics such as regulatory mechanisms and evolutional advantages remain to be better understood written by 26 scientists at the forefront of epigenetics research this book discusses the different facets of epigenetics from

notable genetics related titles quantitative genetics and its connections with big data and sequenced genomes nutrition epigenetics and health by charles j mode drexel university usa the book gives an overview of developments in quantitative genetics and variance component analysis in an era of big data and sequenced genomes it provides a detailed description of a direct method of estimation that will be a useful means of extracting information from a large set of data that was inconceivable 10 to 20 years ago the book is a combination of a history of variance component analysis and a forward looking view as to how direct methods of estimation arise from the availability of big data sets and sequenced genomes of each individual in the sample readership graduate students and researchers in statistics biostatistics and researchers in genetics 180pp 978-981-3140-67-7 978-981-3140-68-4pbk jan 2017 us$68 us$36 £56 £30 the life of professor robert hugh pritchard  the rise of

notable genetics related titles related titles beginners guide to bioinformatics for high throughput sequencing periodic tables unifying living organisms at the molecular level  by t w tan national supercomputing centre singapore astar computational resource centre singapore nus singapore eric lee accenture singapore the predictive power of the law of periodicity this book gives gentle entry point particularly for biologists with code snippets users can use to cut and paste and run on their linux or macosx operating system or cloud instance it also provides a step by step installation instructions which they can easily follow those who are in the field of genome sequencing and already familiar with the procedures of analysis may also find this book useful in closing some knowledge gaps readership students and researchers in bioinformatics biocomputing computational biology genetics and genomics 300pp 978-981-3230-51-4 978-981-3231-66-5pbk mar 2018 us$85 us$55 the assembled

notable genetics related titles recommended reads journal of bioinformatics and computational biology indexed in web of science and scoupus the 21st century guide to writing articles in the biomedical sciences zzzzruogvflhqwl¿ffrpmefe by shiri diskin science write right israel the book covers the framework for constructing a scientific study into a coherent narrative that can later be easily translated into a written manuscript the content of each article section in accordance with the imrad format is covered and many details for the construction of additional submission materials are provided characteristics of papers reporting on specific types of research are presented as well as article types other than the general full research article the book is full of resources for additional reading and learning readership doctors pharmacists nurses and other young professionals who write journal articles in the biomedical sciences 154pp 978-981-3231-86-3 978-981-3233-75-1pbk apr 2018