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notable titles in cancer research and oncology modern thoracic oncology cancer cell chemoresistance and chemosensitization in 3 volumes volume 1 general principles of thoracic oncology volume 2 trachea lung and pleura volume 3 esophagus mediastinum chest wall and diaphragm edited by ajaikumar b kunnumakkara devivasha bordoloi javadi monisha indian institute of technology guwahati india edited by robert b cameron diana lin gage west los angeles veterans administration medical center usa ucla olga olevsky ucla this title is the first comprehensive publication on thoracic oncology contributors who are world experts have authored concise relevant and current topics in this field whether one desires information regarding lung cancer screening esophageal cancer staging mutational analysis targeted therapies stereotactic ablative radiation with real-time imaging minimallyinvasive and robotic surgery combination immunotherapy microwave cryoablation or methods of early cancer detection this

notable titles in cancer research and oncology oncology well-being and well-dying cancel the cancer by min young lee sfj pharmaceuticals group singapore in an attempt to help ordinary people understand cancer and its medical science the author has written this book in an easy-to-understand style so that patients can manage cancer more effectively in their life time providing information for patients to understand the why how and what with each step of treatment plan as well as a realistic range of possible outcomes is very important information can help patients reduce anxiety and give patients a greater sense of ownership in their treatment process the sense of ownership is imperative to growing a positive attitude for patients fighting cancer 120pp 978-981-3273-19-1 aug 2018 us$58 £50 tumor hypoxia fusion genes and cancer edited by ajaikumar b kunnumakkara ganesan padmavathi nand kishor roy indian institute of technology iit guwahati india concept of ‘fusion genes’

notable titles in cancer research and oncology cell molecular biology structural biology rho gtpases molecular biology in health and disease edited by philippe fort anne blangy french national center for scientific research cnrs france rho gtpases control many aspects of cell physiology this includes polarity endo exocytosis adhesion motility transcriptional activation cell cycle progression or apoptosis in view of such pleiotropic activities rho-controlled signaling has proven to be of medical relevance especially in tumorigenesis disease-associated bone remodeling and infectiology 212pp 978-981-3228-78-8 dec 2017 us$98 human dna polymerases biology medicine and biotechnology by giovanni maga silvio spadari institute of molecular genetics igm-cnr italy giuseppe villani cnrs-paul sabatier university france ulrich hübscher university of zürich switzerland this book focuses on i biology of dna polymerases ii medical aspects of dna polymerases and iii biotechnological

titles of interest the 21st century guide to writing articles in the biomedical sciences scientific writing 2.0 by shiri diskin science write right israel by jean-luc lebrun trainer of researchers and scientists from astar research institutes singapore a reader and writer’s guide the book is meant to serve as a practical writing guide that covers the writing process from the project’s inception until online distribution of the published article the book covers the framework for constructing a scientific study into a coherent narrative that can later be easily translated into a written manuscript the content of each article section in accordance with the imrad format is covered and many details for the construction of additional submission materials are provided characteristics of papers reporting on specific types of research are presented as well as article types other than the general full research article the book is full of resources for additional reading and