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notable titles on medical education exploring the human face of anatomy commemorations and memorials  edited by goran Štrkalj macquarie university australia nalini pather university of new south wales australia  readership:  anatomists medical and science educators human biologists/biological anthropologists forensic scientists medical practitioners students studying medicine allied medical disciplines medical science human biology biological anthropology 216pp 978-981-3143-14-2 july 2017 us$98 £86 exam preparation essential 300 single best answers in clinical medicine edited by huw beynon royal free hospital uk by george collins addenbrooke›s hospital uk james davis king›s college hospital uk oscar swift lister hospital uk  this book is a question book that offers single best answers sba to 300 questions related to topics in general medicine in order to further enhance knowledge and understanding detailed

textbooks study guides handbook of rehabilitation medicine forthcoming residency interview handbook by chu qin phua national healthcare group singapore  this book provides invaluable insight into the current residency training structure and will help equip readers with strategies to prepare their cvs giving them an edge over others in the residency interview it provides a step-by-step practical easy to understand guide to help readers select their medical specialties prepare their cvs and excel in interviews readership: medical students medical officers 200pp 978-981-4723-41-1 978-981-4723-42-8pbk jan 2018 us$68 us$34 £56 £28 edited by kenric m murayama university of hawaii usa & shanu n kothari gundersen lutheran health system usa  the intent of the book is to provide readers with a summary of the obesity problem with specific focus on the metabolic health issues ie diabetes mellitus obstructive sleep apnea non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

undergraduate level textbooks guides new edition of bestseller bestseller textbook of occupational medicine practice 4th edition edited by david koh universiti brunei darrussalam brunei nus singapore   tar-ching aw united arab emirates florida international university usa university of occupational environmental health japan  this fourth edition continues to provide a link between occupational health and clinical practice it covers target organ systems that can be affected by hazardous exposures in workplaces and it focuses on the clinical presentations investigations and management of affected individuals we have retained consideration of some special issues relevant to occupational medicine practice in this new edition 956pp 978-981-3200-69-2 nov 2017 us$148 £130 clinical research monitoring  by ad van dooren hu university of applied sciences utrecht the netherlands  this book gives a thorough survey of the ethical and legal aspects of

notable titles on medical education recommended title subscribe recommend this journal to your library how to read and critique a scientific research article  for a free institutional trial please contact us at notes to guide students reading primary literature with teaching tips for faculty members molecular frontiers journal by foong may yeong nus singapore  open access this guidebook provides a structured approach to reading a research article guiding the reader step-by-step through each section with tips on how to look out for key points and how to evaluate each section editor-in-chief overall by helping undergraduate students to overcome their anxieties in reading scientific literature the book will enable the students to appreciate better the process of scientific investigations and how knowledge is derived in science 116pp 978-981-4579-16-2pbk mar 2014 us$28 professor bengt nordén departments of chemistry and