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physical chemistry new bestsellers 2017 wonders of water personal and scientific reminiscences the hydrogen bond in action tributes to ahmed zewail edited by majed chergui ecole polytechnique fédérale de lausanne switzerland rudolph a marcus caltech john meurig thomas cambridge dongping zhong the ohio state university usa by ivar olovsson university of uppsala sweden the book presents the fantastic world of water in all its different forms from liquid to ice and snow this book is amply illustrated with a large number of beautiful pictures with water plays a unique role in chemistry the special properties of water are due to hydrogen bonding between the h2o molecules the hydrogen bond is of fundamental importance in biological systems since all living matter has evolved from and exists in an aqueous environment and hydrogen bonds are involved in most biological processes jan 2018 us$58 £51 300pp 978-1-78634-435-9 978-1-78634-463-2pbk oct 2017 us$115 us$65 £101 £57

physical chemistry new bestsellers 2017 entropy series in structural biology vol 4 the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth by arieh ben-naim the hebrew university of jerusalem israel the history of crystallography as seen through the lens of the nobel prize from a grain of salt to the ribosome edited by ivar olovsson uppsala university sweden anders liljas lund university sweden sven lidin lund university sweden “ben-naim convincingly argues that smi not only gives a simpler and more broadly applicable definition of entropy but also clears up much of the historical and modern confusion surrounding the second law this book will interest any individual who wants to understand how smi gives a clear definition of entroy.” choice connect 296pp 978-981-3147-66-9 978-981-3147-67-6pbk dec 2016 us$48 us$22 £40 £18 advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy 536pp 978-981-4623-11-7 volume 23 edited by s h lin national chiao-tung university taiwan

physical chemistry textbooks new bestsellers iisc lecture notes series ultrafast optics and spectroscopy in physical chemistry a textbook for those who are new to the field • • this book is an introduction to ultrafast optics and spectroscopy for use with any introductory college/university course in optics spectroscopy or experimental physical chemistry or chemical physics of the kind usually taken by undergraduate and graduate students in physical chemistry the audience for this book are also physical chemistry or chemical physics students who have never heard of the subject but would like to work on ultrafast optics and spectroscopy in a phd program with an academic background of chemistry readership this book can be used with any introductory college/university course in optics spectroscopy or experimental physical chemistry or chemical physics usually undertaken by graduate and undergraduate students in science and engineering 300pp 978-981-3223-67-7

physical chemistry textbooks new bestsellers statistical thermodynamics bestselling textbook with applications to the life sciences by arieh ben-naim the hebrew university of jerusalem israel thermodynamics by patrick jacobs university of western ontario canada the book presents a clear and unique approach to statistical thermodynamics based on shannon’s measure of information and provides applications to problems of interest in the life sciences • • readership graduate students and researchers in statistical thermodynamics and thermodynamics 436pp 978-981-4579-15-5 978-981-4578-20-2pbk • jul 2014 us$98 us$48 £81 £40 this book contains three learning aids fully worked out examples are included at appropriate places in the text which also includes numerous exercises these are designed to help the reader stop and think about what he or she has just read answers to the exercises are given at the end of each section and there are also problems at the end of

remembering ahmed zewail 4d visualization of matter world scientific series in 20th century chemistry vol 3 femtochemistry ultrafast dynamics of the chemical bond recent collected works of ahmed h zewail nobel laureate by ahmed h zewail caltech volumes i ii “4d visualization of matter chronicles an extraordinary journey of invention and discovery by one of the world’s greatest living scientists it reveals the structure of matter in all realms at unprecedented resolution in both space and time above all it opens the way to even greater insights and information in the years to come.” professor roger kornberg nobel laureate in chemistry readership academics and researchers in physical chemistry biochemistry chemical biology biophysics bioengineering imaging structural biology cancer research 428pp 978-1-78326-504-6 978-1-78326-505-3pbk nov 2014 us$94 us$48 £78 £40 4d electron microscopy imaging in space and time by ahmed h zewail caltech and john m thomas

titles of interest igniting the chemical ring of fire historical evolution of the chemical communities of the pacific rim edited by seth c rasmussen north dakota state university usa 350pp 978-1-78634-454-0 mar 2018 us$98 £86 edited by c n r rao and u v waghmare jawaharlal nehru centre for advanced scientific research india 476pp 978-1-78634-269-0 oct 2017 us$118 conjugated polymers and oligomers structural and soft matter aspects edited by matti knaapila technical university of denmark denmark nov 2017 us$98 £86 by john meurig thomas cambridge edited by kenneth d m harris cardiff university uk 624pp 978-1-78634-187-7 sep 2017 us$188 £165 gold nanoparticles for physics chemistry and biology soft hard and hybrid janus structures synthesis self-assembly and applications edited by zhiqun lin georgia institute of technology usa bo li university of illinois at urbana-champaign usa 2nd edition edited by catherine louis universitépierre et marie curie france olivier pluchery

titles of interest sonochemistry new opportunities for green chemistry by gregory chatel universitésavoie mont blanc france 188pp 978-1-78634-127-3 978-1-78634-150-1pbk feb 2017 us$80 £66 us$45 £37 essential textbooks in chemistry principles of nuclear chemistry analytical applications of ionic liquids edited by mihkel koel tallinn university of technology estonia 436pp 978-1-78634-071-9 dec 2016 us$195 £162 world scientific series in nanoscience and nanotechnology vol 12 by peter a c mcpherson belfast metropolitan college uk nanomaterials for photocatalytic chemistry 272pp 978-1-78634-050-4 978-1-78634-051-1pbk 300pp 978-981-3141-99-5 feb 2017 us$88 £73 us$48 £40 advances in atmospheric chemistry vol 1 advances in atmospheric chemistry volume 1 edited by j r barker university of michigan ann arbor usa a l steiner university of michigan ann arbor usa t j wallington ford motor company usa 332pp 978-1-78634-165-5 feb 2017 us$135 £112 edited by yugang sun temple

molecular frontiers journal editor-in-chief professor bengt nordén chalmers university of technology the inaugural issue includes contributions by nobel laureates winners of the wolf prize and the us national medal of science articles by notable scientists yuan tseh lee gerard ‘t hooft robert langer richard n zare g terry sharrer laurie leshin the mars science laboratory science team and paul alivisatos are highlighted in this issue making materials that hate water to love water the transformative power of chemistry richard n zare advances in chemistry and their implications for studying and treating brain disease robert langer http dynamics of molecular processes and the sustainable development of humanity yuan tseh lee launched in june 201 7 molecular inference of wisdom g terry sharrer the universe a personal view on exploring the boundaries or the science of the extremes gerard ’t hooft nanoscience — potential and threats paul