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popular general science catalogue 2018 asian studies china through american eyes early depictions of the chinese people and culture in the us print media by wenxian zhang rollins college usa besides images from newspapers and journals this collection also contains pictures about china and the chinese published in books brochures commercial advertisements campaign posters postcards etc together they have documented colourful portrayals of the chinese and their culture by the u.s print media and their evolution from ethnic curiosity stereotyping and racial prejudice to social awareness reluctant understanding and eventual acceptance this collection of images has essentially formed a rich visual resource that is both diverse and intriguing and as primary source documents they carry significant historical and cultural values that could stimulate further academic research 552pp oct 2017 978-981-3202-25-2 us$58 £48 978-981-3202-26-9ebook us$87 £72 is china an empire “han shih

popular general science catalogue 2018 voyage through time walks of life to the nobel prize by ahmed zewail caltech “we are pleased to give two thumbs up to this fascinating and inspiring volume and recommend it to scientists historians of science and laypersons concerned with science and life of one of its most prolific and far-seeing luminaries.” chemical heritage the chemical educator “zewail’s use of the fast laser technique can be likened to galileo’s use of his telescope zewail turned his [femtoscope towards the frontiers of science.” bengt nordén chairman of nobel committee swedish academy of sciences soviet union in the context of the nobel prize by abram m blokh russian academy of sciences russia the result of meticulous research by professor abram blokh this book presents facts documents thoughts and comments on the system of the nobel prize awards to russian and soviet scientists it provides a comprehensive overview of the

popular general science catalogue 2018 bestseller an atomic empire nobel prizes and notable discoveries by c n hill formerly charterhouse uk “in this his third book on nobel prizes in the life sciences erling norrby again combines some of the detailed discussions of the nobel prize committees with his own brilliant review of the intellectual history of the field in the current volume norrby covers not only the major prizes in neuroscience given in the 1960s but he also traces the history of neuroscience from its onset to almost the present day this is an extraordinary contribution to the nobel prize and to the intellectual history of modern biological science.” eric kandel nobel laureate in physiology or medicine 2000 a technical history of the rise and fall of the british atomic energy programme this book presents a study of government papers that have recently become available in the public domain for the first time in history the research reactor programme is

popular general science catalogue 2018 trigonometry notes problems and exercises by roger delbourgo formerly at middlesex university uk this book provides a thorough intermediatelevel yet concise course in trigonometry for use in colleges there are 37 short chapters each treating one specific theme and containing worked examples and easy exercises central to the work are the trigonometric properties of triangle abc and its associated points a small appendix contains some spherical trigonometry with interesting problems related to the earth a larger one for enthusiastic students provides further lengthier exercises for extra practice and full solutions are supplied in the conclusion readership students educators and general public interested in trigonometry 188pp feb 2017 978-981-3207-10-3 us$58 £48 978-981-3203-11-2pbk us$28 £23 bestseller prime numbers friends who give problems a trialogue with papa paulo by paulo ribenboim queen’s university canada how is it made by

popular general science catalogue 2018 mathematical olympiad and competition resources mathematical olympiad series vol 15 mathematical olympiad in china 2011 – 2014 problems and solutions edited by bin xiong east china normal university china peng yee lee ntu singapore this book includes the problems and solutions of the most important mathematical competitions from 2010 to 2014 in china these problems are almost exclusively created by the experts who are engaged in mathematical competition teaching and researching some solutions are from the national training team and national team members readership mathematics students school teachers college lecturers university professors mathematics enthusiasts 350pp 978-981-3143-74-6 978-981-3142-93-0pbk 978-981-3142-94-7ebook oct 2017 us$78 £65 us$38 £32 us$117 £97 world century mathematical olympiad series vol 1 trigonometric functions and complex numbers by desheng yang shanghai xiangming high school china translated by

popular general science catalogue 2018 pursuing the elixir of life chinese medicine for health by hong hai ntu singapore the renhai clinci singapore karen wee the renhai clinci singapore this concise volume explains in modern scientific language the principles of ancient chinese methods of health and the practice of yangsheng 养生or life cultivation natural holistic solutions to health issues and the intricacies of chinese diagnosis and therapies are brilliantly exposed complete with detailed descriptions of herbs acupuncture and tuina readership students and practitioners of medicine and healthcare who wish to gain a modern insight into the mysteries of chinese medicine 232pp feb 2017 978-981-3207-03-5 us$58 £48 978-981-3207-04-2pbk us$25 £21 978-981-3207-05-9ebook us$87 £72 nanotechnology nanoscience nanosciences nonlinear science understanding systems  a grand challenge for 21st century engineering by michael f insana

popular general science catalogue 2018 atom projects “i am the smartest man i know” by boris ioffe itep moscow russia by ivar giaever applied biophysics inc usa this book is a collection of personal memories about the people who participated in the ussr atomic project — landau alikhanov pomeranchuk alikhanian migdal jr gribov zeldovich sakharov kurchatov vannikov eldian as the author is the only living person who was involved in the project these personal recollections are interesting and unique for a broad audience who has been unfamiliar with the details so far “this is a wonderful story from ivar giaever’s life in a norwegian village through canada and to general electric in schenectady his experiments on electron tunnelling into superconductors and the nobel prize it is told in his distinctive and unique way of speaking making it like listening to the story over a cup of coffee or a glass of akvavit don’t be put off by the title which has

popular general science catalogue 2018 popular science going through the mirror science for the 21st century metaphors and metonyms in science by gregory s yablonsky saint louis university usa belal e baaquie nus singapore this book is a comprehensive presentation of an amazing variety of metaphors and metonyms in physics chemistry and biology their crucial role in many disciplines has come to light only over the last few decades this verbal symbolic reasoning can be considered as a framework of the scientific language of the 21st century the unique role of metaphors as a “bridge” between different levels of realities — micro meso and macro-realities — is explained in detail special attention is paid to the “magic triad” of fundamental metaphors atom molecule gene as well as metaphors of the “machine” and “book/text” readership undergraduates and graduate students lecturers and researchers engineers and journalists

popular general science catalogue 2018 why are you always on the phone smart skills with the smartphone generation by michelle m l yeo unisim singapore with stories and anecdotes why are you always on the phone serves to answer the questions “why are you always online?” “what are you doing online?” and a list of queries that most parents educators and even tweens and teenagers themselves seek to know and are curious about it is hoped that by answering these it will prompt deeper more empathetic and layered connections between parents tweens teenagers and educators for more fulfilling parent-child and teacher-student relationships and thus highlight the importance of practising effective and safe uses of the smartphone and other devices 100pp jan 2017 978-981-3149-33-5 us$32 £27 978-981-3149-34-2pbk us$16 £13 978-981-3149-35-9ebook us$48 £40 good intentions are not enough why we fail at helping others by robin low civil innovation lab singapore many

connecting great minds world scientific open worldscientific about world scientific open leveraging on the open access movement worldscienticopen gives you unprecedented access to top-tier journals books and proceedings worldscienticopen is in full compliance with the latest open access mandates so authors can ensure their research is freely available online freely redistributed and pen world scientific open journals world scientic currently publish more than 120 journals offering ‘gold’ publishing options in either dedicated open access or hybrid journals for authors who wish to have their articles published under these hybrid journals please indicate your open access preference preferably during the submission stage reused benefits of world scientific open 22 • accepted articles can choose to be on fast track publishing • copyright of the articles • o are retained by the authors published articles o are fully peer reviewed o are

nobel lectures 2006-2010 nobel lectures in physics 2006 – 2010 nobel lectures in literature 2006 – 2010 edited by lars brink chalmers university of technology sweden edited by per wästberg the swedish academy stockholm sweden 384pp aug 2014 978-981-4612-67-8 us$78 £51 978-981-4612-68-5pbk us$34 £22 104pp oct 2014 978-981-4583-11-4 us$42 £28 978-981-4583-12-1pbk us$22 £15 nobel lectures in chemistry 2006 – 2010 nobel lectures in economic sciences 2006 – 2010 edited by bengt nordén chalmers university of technology sweden 444pp mar 2015 978-981-4630-16-0 us$128 £84 978-981-4630-17-7pbk us$48 £32 edited by bertil holmlund uppsala university sweden 368pp feb 2015 978-981-4630-18-4 us$128 £84 978-981-4630-19-1pbk us$38 £25 nobel lectures in physiology or medicine 2006 – 2010 edited by goran k hansson karolinska institute sweden 408pp apr 2015 978-981-4630-20-7 us$88 £58 978-981-4630-21-4pbk us$38 £25 world scientific