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popular recreational mathematics more at http bit.ly/ws-poprecmath kenken math logic puzzles that will make you smarter volume 1 the kenken method — puzzles for beginners  150 puzzles and solutions to make you smarter created by tetsuya miyamoto edited by robert fuhrer kenken puzzle company kenken is the world’s fastest growing puzzle since sudoku it was developed in a japanese classroom in 2004 by renowned educator tetsuya miyamoto and was later introduced internationally as both an adult and educational math and logic puzzle in 2008 originally intended to improve reasoning creativity concentration and perseverance this simple yet sophisticated puzzle has since expanded beyond the classroom into a global sensation kenken can be found daily in the new york times and is now available in over 200 publications worldwide it is supported by the national council of teachers of mathematics nctm the world’s largest math education organization and is used by over

prime numbers friends who give problems indian mathematics engaging with the world from ancient to modern times a trialogue with papa paulo by george gheverghese joseph by paulo ribenboim queen’s university canada “this is a charming book written as a conversation between mathematician papa paulo and his grandsons a motivated reader can learn not only about prime numbers but also something about how mathematicians think work and ask questions from reading this book.” mathematical association of america readership college students high school teachers and beginners interested in number theory and important facts about prime numbers 336pp 978-981-4725-80-4 978-981-4725-81-1pbk jan 2017 us$75 us$38 by paul curzon peter w mcowan queen mary university of london uk can you become a computational thinker can machines have brains do computers really see and understand the world can games help us to study nature save lives and design the future can you use computational

the pleasures of pi e and other interesting numbers discover probability how to use it how to avoid misusing it and how it affects every aspect of your life by y e o adrian m.a ph.d cambridge honorary fellow of christ’s college cambridge by arieh ben-naim the hebrew university of jerusalem israel “ben-niam has written an unusual book on probability a highly sophisticated mathematical topic for the readers who are curious about the ‘laws’ that govern all of the events that we observe in our lives every day.” london mathematical society newsletter readership high school students undergraduate students general reader 340pp 978-981-4616-31-7 978-981-4616-32-4pbk dec 2014 us$78 us$28 £65 £23 choice outstanding academic title 2015 mathematics poetry and beauty “written in a warm and graceful style this unusual book has the feel of a journey through time interspersed with historical references and interesting anecdotes using infinite series as a

a lady mathematician in this strange universe memoirs a day’s adventure in math wonderland by yvonne choquet–bruhat university pierre et marie curie france french academy of sciences france american academy of arts and sciences usa by jin akiyama tokai university japan mari-jo p ruiz ateneo de manila university philippines in this book the distinguished mathematician and physicist yvonne choquet–bruhat recounts and reflects upon various key events and people from her life she recalls conversations collaborations and even arguments shared with many great scientists including her experiences with albert einstein she also describes some of her numerous trips around the world spurred by a passion for travel beauty and mathematics at once reflective enlightening and bittersweet this book allows readers a look into the life and thought processes of an esteemed female academic “although the apparent aim of the museum and book is to increase children’s

problem solving in mathematics and beyond series editor alfred s posamentier more at http bit.ly/ws-psmb teaching children to love problem solving a reference from birth through adulthood by terri germain-williams mercy college usa this book was developed with the caring and concerned adult in mind and is a one-stop for anyone who would like to help a child develop problem solving thinking they will become adept at the use of problem solving strategies over the course of their development from birth for each age range this book provides developmental information relevant mathematical concepts sample problems with multiple solutions and finally activities to engage with as a family in order to develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skill 140pp 978-981-3209-82-4 978-981-3208-79-7pbk jul 2017 us$58 us$24 £48 £20 strategy games to enhance problem-solving ability in mathematics problems for metagrobologists a collection of puzzles with real mathematical logical or

mathematical olympiad titles more at http bit.ly/ws-matholympiad new forthcoming titles mathematical olympiad in china 2011–2014 problems and solutions 368pp 978-981-3143-74-6 978-981-3142-93-0pbk may 2018 us$78 us$38 £65 £32 algebraic inequalities  368pp 978-981-3143-74-6 978-981-3142-93-0pbk may 2018 us$78 us$38 £65 £32 a central european olympiad the mathematical duel 292pp 978-981-3226-16-6 978-981-3223-90-5pbk jan 2018 us$68 us$38 £60 £33 solving problems in geometry insights and strategies 356pp 978-981-4590-72-3 978-981-4583-74-9pbk jul 2017 us$58 us$34 £48 £28 coming soon the tangram puzzle book by ilan garibi david goodman this fresh and original book presents a collection of different types of puzzles the puzzles here use the pieces as building units only and present a variety of challenges from all fields of recreational mathematics for example there are symmetry puzzles cover-up puzzles and even a poker-related puzzle some puzzles may not