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probability statistics textbooks request for an inspection copy http classic text probability models and applications corrected 2nd edition by ingram olkin stanford leon j gleser university of pittsburgh usa cyrus derman columbia university usa this undergraduate textbook includes many examples with actual data of real-world use of probability models while expositing the mathematical theory of probability at an introductory calculus-based level detailed descriptions of the properties and applications of probability models that have successfully modeled real phenomena are given as well as an explanation of methods for testing goodness of fit of these models readers will receive a firm foundation in techniques for deriving distributions of various summaries of data as well as a solid grounding in concepts 734pp mar 2018 978-981-3202-03-0 us$158 £131 978-981-3202-04-7pbk us$78 £65 probability and statistics for economists by yongmiao hong cornell this

probability statistics textbooks popular textbooks introduction to stochastic calculus with applications 3rd edition by fima c klebaner monash university australia introduces many concepts through worked-out examples many of the concepts are introduced through worked-out examples eventually leading to a complete rigorous statement of the general result and either a complete proof a partial proof or a reference it will provide a mathematically literate reader with rapid introduction to the subject and its advanced applications the book covers models in mathematical finance biology and engineering for mathematicians this book can be used as a first text on stochastic calculus or as a companion to more rigorous texts by a way of examples and exercises readership advanced undergraduates or graduates 452pp mar 2012 978-1-84816-831-2 us$98 £81 978-1-84816-832-9pbk us$58 £48 expect the unexpected 2nd edition a first course in biostatistics by raluca balan gilles lamothe university of

probability statistics textbooks statistics and experimental design for psychologists an informal introduction to stochastic calculus with applications a model comparison approach by rory allen goldsmiths university of london uk by ovidiu calin eastern michigan university usa this is the first textbook for psychologists which combines the model comparison method in statistics with a hands-on guide to computerbased analysis and clear explanations of the links between models hypotheses and experimental designs it book covers the main statistical methods up to multifactorial and repeated measures anova and the basic experimental designs associated with them the online supplementary material extends this coverage to multiple regression exploratory factor analysis power calculations and other more advanced topics and provides screencasts demonstrating the use of programs on a standard statistical package spss readership undergraduate and graduate students 472pp oct 2017 978-1-78634-064-1

probability statistics textbooks deterministic and stochastic topics in computational finance used at princeton readership undergraduate and graduate students in mathematical finance 484pp 978-981-3203-08-2pbk us$68 £56 logic set theory and probability hands-on textbook with enough pictures and diagrams to appeal to visual learners readership undergraduates health elections gambling and war deals with matters of everyday life 240pp 978-981-02-4321-0pbk us$53 £44 a complete one-semester course supplementary presentation slides are available readership undergraduates 224pp 978-981-4678-02-5 us$48 £40 statistical models and methods covers lifetime data in reliability and survival analysis readership graduate students 304pp 978-981-4730-66-2 us$78 readership undergraduates £65 inequalities in analysis and probability 2nd edition £40 an elementary introduction to stochastic interest rate modeling 2nd edition a complete introduction accessible to advanced