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quantum fields theory particle and nuclear physics the new notable titles 2018 harvard lectures new edition facts and mysteries in elementary particle physics lectures of sidney coleman on quantum field theory revised edition edited by bryan gin-ge chen leiden university netherlands david derbes university of chicago usa david griffiths reed college usa brian hill saint mary s college of california usa richard sohn kronos inc lowell usa yuan-sen ting harvard by martinus veltman university of michigan ann arbor usa nikhef amsterdam the netherlands review of the first edition veltman gives an excellent impression of how science works and how the desire to penetrate into the unknown is what fires the enthusiasm of scientists he also manages to explain the most abstract intricacies of particle theory without using any mathematics whatsoever i can fully recommend this book to students and interested lay readers who will gain a fascinating insight into the sub-nuclear world

lectures of david olive on gauge theories and lie algebras with some applications to spontaneous symmetry breaking and integrable dynamical systems with foreword by lars brink edited by andreas fring city university of london uk neil turok perimeter institute for theoretical physics canada professor david olive was a renowned british theoretical physicist who made seminal contributions to superstrings quantum gauge theories and mathematical physics he was awarded the dirac medal by the international centre for theoretical physics in trieste in 1997 with his long-standing collaborator peter goddard these lectures delivered by david olive in 1982 at the university of virginia provide a pedagogical self-contained introduction to gauge theory lie algebras electromagnetic duality and integrable models despite enormous subsequent developments they still provide a valuable entry point to some of the deepest topics in quantum gauge theory readership graduate students and academics interested

walter greiner memorial volume advanced series on directions in high energy physics vol 28 edited by peter o hess universidad nacional autó noma de méxico mexico goetheuniversität frankfurt germany horst stöcker goethe-universität frankfurt germany the state of the art of neutrino physics a tutorial for graduate students and young researchers edited by antonio ereditato university of bern switzerland this book provides graduate students and young researchers a comprehensive tutorial in modern neutrino physics specially tailored with emphasis on the educational aspects it provides an overview of the basics and of recent achievements in the field from both experimental and theoretical points of view readership students and researchers interested in high energy physics and/or astrophysics 580pp 978-981-3226-08-1 may 2018 us$168 £148 walter greiner 1935 – 2016 was a german physicist of the goethe university frankfurt wellknown for his many contributions in

fermilab at 50 textbook edited by swapan chattopadhyay fermilab joseph david lykken fermilab a light read this book will appeal to all the scientists who at some point in their career stepped on the floor of fermilab it will also appeal to those readers who are interested in discovering more about the history of the laboratory through the records of the people who participated in it whether it was directly or indirectly cern courier 316pp 978-981-3227-45-3 dec 2017 us$58 £51 memorial volume for kerson huang edited by kok khoo phua ntu singapore hwee boon low ntu singapore chi xiong ntu singapore professor kerson huang was a well respected theoretical physicist who was also well versed in english and chinese literature his research in theoretical physics included works on bose – einstein condensation and quantum field theory the volume features the recollections of prof huang by his former colleagues and students including profs chen-ning yang and samuel ting as well as

memorial volume for stanley mandelstam edited by nathan berkovits são paulo state university brazil lars brink chalmers university of technology sweden ling-lie chau uc davis kok khoo phua ntu singapore charles b thorn university of florida gainesville usa stanley mandelstam 1928 – 2016 was one of the most influential and respected particle theorists with his deep understanding of quantum field theory he pioneered the development of the analytic s-matrix theory as well as the path-dependent formulations for quantum gauge theories and for quantum general relativity this volume contains essays written by many of his friends and students including both detailed reports on his scientific achievements as well as personal reminiscences 348pp 978-981-3227-90-3pbk 978-981-3207-84-4 aug 2017 us$48 us$118 textbook tsinghua report and review in physics vol 3 principles of physics 2nd edition from quantum field theory to classical mechanics by jun ni tsinghua university china

quantum field theory by harald fritzsch ludwig maximilian university of munich germany the matter in our universe is composed of electrons and quarks the dynamics of electrons and quarks is described by the standard model of particle physics which is based on quantum field theories the general framework of quantum field theories is described in this book after the classical mechanics and the relativistic mechanics the details of classical scalar fields of electrodynamics and of quantum mechanics are discussed then the quantization of scalar fields of spinor fields and of vector fields is described 168pp 978-981-3141-72-8 may 2017 us$68 £56 reviews of accelerator science and technology volume 9 technology and applications of advanced accelerator concepts edited by alexander w chao slac national accelerator laboratory usa weiren chou fermilab this volume introduces a number of advanced accelerator concepts aac — their principles technologies and potential applications for the

textbooks lecture notes accelerator physics third edition lattice gauge theories an introduction fourth edition lee s y indiana univ usa rothe heinz j univ heidelberg germany 9789814374941 9789814365864 elementary primer for gauge theory an moriyasu k lectures on quantum field theory das ashok univ of rochester usa 9789812832863 9789971950835 field theory the renormalization group and critical phenomena graphs to computers 3rd edition modern atomic and nuclear physics revised edition amit daniel et al hebrew univ israel univ di roma la sapienza 9789812836793 yang fujia et al univ of nottingham uk fudan univ china italy nuclear collective motion models and theory 9789812561190 field theory a path integral approach 2nd edition das ashok univ of rochester usa rowe david j univ of toronto canada 9789812790651 9789812568489 nuclear radiation interactions foundations of quantum chromodynamics an introduction to perturbative methods in gauge theories 3rd edition yip sidney massachusetts

www.worldscientific.com/mpla www.worldscientific.com/ijmpe www.worldscientific.com/ijmpa international journal of modern physics a particles and fields gravitation cosmology modern physics letters a gravitation cosmology astrophysics nuclear physics particles and fields accelerator physics quantum information chen ning yang’s contributions after he returned to where he started highlighted articles bang-fen zhu tsinghua university geometric models of helium ijmpa vol 33 no 01 2018 1830001 m f atiyah university of edinburgh mpla vol 32 no 14 2017 1750079 particle physics today tomorrow and beyond john ellis king’s college london nicpb tallinn and cern physics at a higgs factory matthew reece harvard university ijmpa vol 31 no 33 2016 1644003 ijmpa vol 33 2018 1830003 particle and astroparticle physics in china yifang wang institute of high energy physics beijing ijmpa vol 32 no 32 2017 1730027 recollections of stanley mandelstam g chew uc berkeley ijmpa vol 32 no 01 2017