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connecting great minds quantum physics textbooks advanced quantum mechanics quantum mechanics 2nd edition a modern development 2nd edition by freeman dyson ias princeton translated and transcribed by david derbes by leslie e ballentine simon fraser university canada reviews of the first edition “this book is likely to be of interest mainly to historians of science one thing was done rather well was the relativistic treatment of the spectrum of the hydrogen atom which is found algebraically and rather elegantly and efficiently the treatment of fluctuations in fields had some nice points ” “it has an outstanding depth and variety of topics it has a special emphasis on the foundations of quantum mechanics almost every one studying advanced quantum mechanics will find this book useful.” cern courier zentralblatt math “the fame of these lectures as well as of this author together with the enduring interest in their contents attested by this transcription

quantum physics textbooks introduction to quantum-state estimation quantum mechanics by yong siah teo palacký university czech republic by richard fitzpatrick university of texas at austin usa “this book is a detailed well-written introduction to the way of inferring quantum states parameters from measurement data this book is surely something to recommend to one’s students.” quantum mechanics was developed during the first few decades of the twentieth century via a series of inspired guesses made by various physicists including planck einstein bohr schroedinger heisenberg pauli and dirac all these scientists were trying to construct a selfconsistent theory of microscopic dynamics that was compatible with experimental observations dmitri mogilevtsev institute of physics minsk belarus this book is intended to serve as an instructive and self-contained medium for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students to grasp the basics of quantum-state estimation 2396pp

quantum physics textbooks understanding our unseen reality hilbert space and quantum mechanics solving quantum riddles by franco gallone universitàdegli studi di milano italy by ruth e kastner university of maryland usa “ruth kastner is emerging as one of the latest new interpreters of the mysteries of quantum physics and as such provides a unique perspective that she calls the possibilist transactional interpretation or pti based on the ti theory of john cramer expounded earlier by paul davies with both theories based on richard p feynman’s earlier absorber theory in her latest book she expands on her pti through using some clever everyday analogies to bring the complexities of quantum physics into the realm of the non-expert this is certainly a wellworthwhile read for those of you interested in how we are still grappling with understanding quantum physics 115 years after its inception.” fred alan wolf popular author of many books including time-loops and

quantum physics textbooks topics in modern physics the quantum world solutions to problems by michel le bellac university of nice france by paolo amore universidad de colima mexico john dirk walecka college of william and mary usa a third volume topics in modern physics theoretical foundations has recently appeared which covers several subjects omitted in the essentially linear progression in the previous two this book has three parts part 1 is on quantum mechanics part 2 is on applications of quantum mechanics and part 3 covers some selected topics in relativistic quantum field theory parts 1 and 2 follow naturally from the initial volume the present book provides solutions to the over 135 problems in this third volume the three volumes in this series together with the solutions manuals provide a clear logical self-contained and comprehensive base from which students can learn modern physics when finished readers should have an elementary working knowledge in the principal areas of

quantum physics textbooks quantum hall effects introduction to quantum mechanics recent theoretical and experimental developments 3rd edition schrödinger equation and path integral 2nd edition by zyun francis ezawa tohoku university riken japan by harald j w müller-kirsten university of kaiserslautern germany in this 3rd edition all chapters are carefully reexamined and updated a highlight is the new chapter on topological insulators indeed the concept of topological insulator stems from the qhe other new topics are recent prominent experimental discoveries in the qhe provided by the experimentalists themselves in part v this new edition presents an instructive and comprehensive overview of the qhe it is also suitable for an introduction to quantum field theory with vividly described applications only knowledge of quantum mechanics is assumed this book is ideal for students and researchers in condensed matter physics particle physics theoretical physics and mathematical physics

quantum physics textbooks correlated electrons in quantum matter heisenberg’s quantum mechanics by peter fulde max planck institute for the physics of complex systems dresden germany by mohsen razavy university of alberta canada “peter fulde provides an excellent introduction to this field this book provides a very careful treatment of an extraordinarily wide range of topics and is particularly strong on transitionmetal oxides and heavy fermion systems this carefully written book can be recommended to a very wide readership.” contemporary physics 552pp 978-981-4390-91-0 oct 2012 us$168 £111 978-981-4390-92-7pbk us$68 £45 “one of the most interesting aspects of the book is the way in which the subjects are presented having in mind a couple of prevailing guiding questions why and where is this formulation of quantum mechanics more useful than others and how can the formalism be applied in specific circumstances i particularly enjoyed the chapters on

quantum physics textbooks advances in atomic physics an overview by claude cohen-tannoudji collège de france laboratoire kastler brossel france david guéry-odelin laboratoire collisions agrégats réactivité france “french nobel laureate claude cohen-tannoudji is second to none in his understanding of the modern theory and application of atom-photon interactions he is also known for his lucid and accessible writing style advances in atomic physics is an impressive and wonderful-to-read reference text certainly researchers in the fields of atom-photon interactions and atom traps will want it as a reference on their bookshelves a selection of chapters may be of benefit to students the early chapters for those entering the field the later chapters for those already doing atom-laser phd thesis work.” quantum theory of the optical and electronic properties of semiconductors 5th edition by hartmut haug goethe-universität frankfurt germany stephan w koch

quantum physics textbooks lectures on quantum mechanics in 3 companion volumes by berthold-georg englert nus singapore 656pp may 2006 978-981-256-790-1set us$199 978-981-256-791-8set pbk us$108 £132 £70 vol 1 978-981-256-970-7 978-981-256-971-4pbk 232pp us$83 us$45 £55 £29 vol 2 978-981-256-972-1 978-981-256-973-8pbk 212pp us$83 us$45 £55 £29 vol 3 978-981-256-974-5 978-981-256-975-2pbk 212pp us$83 us$45 £55 £29 classical and quantum dissipative systems by mohsen razavy university of alberta canada 352pp 978-1-86094-525-0 978-1-86094-530-4pbk jan 2006 us$180 us$102 £119 £67 fractional statistics and quantum theory 2nd edition feynman’s thesis — a new approach to quantum theory edited by laurie m brown northwestern university usa 144pp 978-981-256-366-8 978-981-256-380-4pbk aug 2005 us$39 us$19 £26 £13 modern foundations of quantum optics by vlatko vedral university of leeds uk 236pp 978-1-86094-531-1 978-1-86094-553-3pbk feb 2005