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connecting great minds vol 55 knots braids and mÖbius strips bestseller particle physics and the geometry of elementarity an alternative view by jack avrin vol 4 gauge fields knots and gravity by john baez javier p muniain uc riverside “this book is a great introduction to many of the modern ideas of mathematical physics including differential geometry group theory knot theory and topology it uses as ‘physical excuses’ to introduce these topics maxwell theory yang-mills theories and general relativity including its ashtekar reformulation the level of the book is gauged to advanced physics/math undergraduates and graduate students the treatment is mathematically and physically self-contained “ classical quantum gravity readership mathematicians mathematical physicists and theoretical physicists 480pp 978-981-02-1729-7 978-981-02-2034-1 pbk oct 1994 us$129 £85 us$71 £47 elementary particles in this book exist as solitons in-and-of the fabric of

vol 58 vol 54 representing 3-manifolds by filling dehn surfaces scientific essays in honor of h pierre noyes on the occasion of his 90th birthday by rubén vigara Álvaro lozano-rojo centro universitario de la defensa— iuma spain this book provides an introduction to the beautiful and deep subject of filling dehn surfaces in the study of topological 3-manifolds the complete and detailed proofs are illustrated with a set of more than 600 spectacular pictures readership graduate students and researchers interested in low-dimensional topology 300pp 978-981-4725-48-4 may 2016 us$132 £95 edited by john c amson university of st andrews uk louis h kauffman university of illinois at chicago usa the book is a representative selection of papers on the topics that have been central to the meetings over the last three decades of anpa the alternative natural philosophy association anpa was founded by pierre noyes and his colleagues the philosopher-linguist-physicist frederick

vol 21 bestseller linknot knot theory by computer by slavik jablan radmila sazdanovic´ the mathematical institute belgrade serbia the book covers basic notions in knot theory as well as new methods for handling open problems such as unknotting number braid family representatives invertibility amphicheirality undetectability non-algebraic tangles polyhedral links and 2 2 moves hands-on computations using mathematica or the webmathematica package linknot and beautiful illustrations facilitate better learning and understanding vol 29 quantum invariants a study of knots 3-manifolds and their sets by tomotada ohtsuki tokyo institute of technology japan “this is a nicely written and useful book i think that the author has done a great job in explaining quantum invariants of knots and 3-manifolds also on an intuitive and well-motivated organically growing and not too technical level at the same time however presenting a lot of material ordered by a clear guiding line.”

related titles lecture notes on generalized heegaard splittings morse theory smooth and discrete by kevin p knudson university of florida usa by martin scharlemann uc santa barbara jennifer schultens uc davis toshio saito joetsu university of education japan this book serves as an introduction to classical smooth morse theory and to forman s discrete morse theory highlighting the parallels between the two subjects this is the first time both smooth and discrete morse theory have been treated in a wsingle volume this makes the book a valuable resource for students and professionals working in topology and discrete mathematics with a strong focus on examples the text is suitable for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students the purpose of this book lays in familiarizing the audience with the basics of 3-manifold theory and introducing some topics of current research the first portion of the lecture series was devoted to standard topics in the theory of 3-manifolds the