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statistical physics and related areas excursions in the land of statistical physics by michael e fisher the university of maryland college park usa a fundamental question in the theory of matter concerns the nature of different phases the transitions between them and the associated critical phenomena the researches of prof michael fisher address many aspects of these basic questions ranging from establishing rigorous theorems for the underlying statistical mechanics through exact analytical and precise numerical solutions for model systems dimensional expansions and renormalization group calculations monte carlo simulations and phenomenological and thermodynamic analysis of concrete experimental observations 386pp jul 2016 978-981-3144-89-7 us$88 £56 978-981-3144-90-3pbk us$46 £33 1 michael fisher at king’s college london 2 the theory of condensation and the critical point 3 the states of matter — a theoretical perspective 4 walks walls wetting and melting 5

world scientific series in 21st century mathematics volume 2 fifty years of mathematical physics selected works of ludwig faddeev edited by molin ge chern institute of mathematics china chinese academy of science china antti j niemi uppsala university sweden cnrs/tours france “it is excellent.” nobel laureate c n yang faddeev s selected papers give ample evidence of his contributions at the forefront of physics and mathematics the breadth vigor and beauty of ludwig s permanent accomplishments fully justifies calling him the beethoven of mathematical physics professor roman w jackiw mit featuring exclusively the major scientific achievements of ludvig faddeev that spans over fifty years of his career part 1 scattering theory part 5 quantum groups part 2 automorphic functions part 6 knots part 3 field theory part 7 general questions part 4 theory of solitons 596pp apr 2016 978-981-4340-95-3 us$168 £111 978-981-3109-33-9pbk us$84 £55 fundamentals of statistical

introduction to statistical mechanics by john dirk walecka college of william and mary usa “i found the work to be an original and appealing presentation overall the text’s practical feel will give students a good sense of what it means to use statistical mechanics.” physics today “john dirk walecka has written an excellent introduction to statistical mechanics a central subject in most graduate curricula the book is a remarkable presentation of the central concepts with many informative applications.” contemporary physics 384pp sep 2011 978-981-4366-20-5 us$98 £65 978-981-4366-21-2pbk us$58 £38 statistical mechanics for beginners a textbook for undergraduates by lucien gilles benguigui israel institute of technology israel “the last item constitutes an interesting historical review of statistical mechanics the book ends with a small collection of interesting exercises and hints for their solution.” statistical mechanics made simple

imperial college press advanced physics texts vol 3 topics in statistical mechanics by brian cowan royal holloway university of london uk “this is an excellent graduate-level textbook that grew out of a largely online intercollegiate course given by the author to fourth-year students in the united kingdom the text is concise but provides an accurate and well-balanced introduction to a remarkable breadth of topics with an emphasis even on modern aspects such as the statistical mechanics of phase transitions and nonequilibrium dynamics cowan has managed to capture the rich field of statistical mechanics in a concise and truly excellent exposition his text should be accessible to good advanced undergraduates and certainly to firstor second-year graduate students in physics mathematics or engineering.” mathematical reviews 336pp sep 2005 978-1-86094-564-9 us$86 £57 978-1-86094-569-4pbk us$45 £29 an introductory course by daniel j amit universita di roma “la