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analysis differential integral equations textbooks in request for an inspection copy http bit.ly/ws-inspectioncopy advanced calculus revised edition a friendly approach to functional analysis by lynn harold loomis shlomo sternberg harvard by amol sasane london school of economics uk “it would still be good for a senior or first-year graduate course in analysis the material is still all relevant and the subject matter has not changed a lot in the past 50 years the present book is positioned at a comfortable level of abstraction and no more recent books have come out to compete with it at this level.” maa reviews this book constitutes a concise introductory course on functional analysis the topics covered are banach spaces continuous linear transformations frechet derivative geometry of hilbert spaces compact operators and distributions in addition it includes selected applications of functional analysis to differential equations optimization physics and numerical analysis

textbooks in analysis differential integral equations an introduction to second order partial differential equations classical and variational solutions by doina cioranescu université pierre et marie curie paris 6 france patrizia donato université de rouen france marian p roque university of the philippines diliman philippines the book extensively introduces classical and variational partial differential equations pdes to graduate and post-graduate students in mathematics the topics even the most delicate are presented in a detailed way part i gives an overview of classical pdes that is equations which admit strong solutions verifying the equations pointwise classical solutions of the laplace heat and wave equations are provided part ii deals with variational pdes where weak solutions are considered they are defined by variational formulations of the equations based on sobolev spaces a comprehensive and detailed presentation of these spaces is given examples of variational

textbooks in analysis differential integral equations problems and solutions in introductory and advanced matrix calculus 2nd edition what is calculus from simple algebra to deep analysis by r michael range state university of new york at albany usa by willi-hans steeb yorick hardy university of johannesburg university of south africa extensive collection of problems with detailed solutions the coverage includes systems of linear equations linear differential equations integration and matrices kronecker product and vec-operation and functions of matrices furthermore specialized topics such as spectral theorem nonnormal matrices and mutually unbiased bases are included many problems are related to applications for group theory lie algebra theory wavelets graph theory and matrix-valued differential forms it also branches out to problems with tensors and the hyperdeterminant computer algebra programs in maxima and symbolicc have also been provided readership undergraduate and

textbooks in analysis differential integral equations a friendly approach to complex analysis a first course in integral equations 2nd edition by abdul-majid wazwaz saint xavier university usa by sara maad sasane lund university sweden amol sasane london school of economics uk integrates newly developed methods with classical techniques for solving integral equations this textbook provides a comprehensive treatment of linear and nonlinear fredholm and volterra integral equations of the first and second kinds the materials are presented in an accessible and straightforward manner to readers particularly those from non-mathematics backgrounds numerous well-explained applications and examples as well as practical exercises are presented to guide readers through the text selected applications from mathematics science and engineering are investigated by using the newly developed methods “this book is ‘ friendly’ because the treatment is rigorous and makes no

textbooks in analysis differential integral equations bestselling textbooks a guide to distribution theory and fourier transforms introduction to the calculus of variations 3rd edition by robert s strichartz cornell university usa by bernard dacorogna ecole polytechnique fédérale lausanne switzerland used at cornell national university of singapore uc davis purdue university and more this important book provides a concise exposition of the basic ideas of the theory of distribution and fourier transforms and its application to partial differential equations the author clearly presents the ideas precise statements of theorems and explanations of ideas behind the proofs methods in which techniques are used in applications are illustrated and many problems are included the book also introduces several significant recent topics including pseudodifferential operators wave front sets wavelets and quasicrystals readership graduate students and researchers “a great feature is the

textbooks in analysis differential integral equations bestselling textbooks functions of several real variables by martin moskowitz city university of new york usa fotios paliogiannis st francis college usa rich in appropriate examples exercises and problems with detailed solutions and /or hints “a nice and almost exhaustive introduction to the theory of functions of several real variables the volume is a comprehensive introduction to this important field and it is intended for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students in mathematics physics or engineering the book is well conceived and well written it is also richer than many of the current crop of real analysis texts teachers wanting a solid and interesting treatment that goes right to the point and does not bore good students with verbose explanations will find this book much to their liking.” maa reviews 732pp may 2011 978-981-4299-26-8 us$148 £123 978-981-4299-27-5pbk us$73 £61 problems and