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the encyclopedia of medical robotics in 4 volumes volume 3 image-guided surgical procedures and interventions focuses on several aspects ranging from understanding the challenges and opportunities in this domain to imaging technologies to imageguided robotic systems for clinical applications the volume includes several contributions in the area of imaging in the areas of x-ray fluoroscopy ct pet mr imaging ultrasound imaging and optical coherence tomography ultrasound-based diagnostics and therapeutics as well as ultrasound-guided planning and navigation are also included in this volume in addition to multi-modal imaging techniques and its applications to surgery and various interventions the application of multi-modal imaging and fusion in the area of prostate biopsy is also covered imaging modality compatible robotic systems sensors and actuator technologies for use in the mri environment are also included in this work as is the development of the framework incorporating imageguided modeling for surgery and intervention finally there are several chapters in the clinical applications domain covering cochlear implant surgery neurosurgery breast biopsy prostate cancer treatment endovascular interventions neurovascular interventions robotic capsule endoscopy and mri-guided neurosurgical procedures and interventions contents image-guided surgical procedures and interventions challenges and opportunities x-ray fluoroscopy ct pet and mr imaging ultrasound diagnostics and therapeutics optical coherence tomography oct multi-modal imaging for surgery and interventions ultrasound-guided planning and navigation multimodality imaging mri pet and ultrasound and fusion targeted biopsy of the prostate sensors actuators and robots for mri-guided surgery and interventions image-guided procedures in surgery and intervention challenges in imageto-physical registration and beyond image-guided robotic cochlear implant surgery meso-scale robotic systems for neurosurgery image-guided robotic neurosurgery mri-guided robotic breast biopsy and therapeutics image-guided robotic interventions for prostate cancer treatment image-guided endovascular interventions image-guided neurovascular interventions robotic capsule endoscopy image-guided neurosurgical procedures and interventions world scientific sp jo 09 17 13 e.indd 3 volume 4 rehabilitation robotics is dedicated to the state-of-the-art of an emerging interdisciplinary field where robotics sensors and feedback are used in novel ways to relearn improve or restore functional movements in humans this volume attempts to cover a number of topics relevant to the field the first section addresses an important activity in our daily lives walking where the neuromuscular system orchestrates the gait posture and balance conditions such as stroke vestibular deficits or old age impair this important activity three chapters on robotic training gait rehabilitation and cooperative orthoses describe the current works in the field to address this issue the second section covers the significant advances in and novel designs of soft actuators and wearable systems that have emerged in the area of prosthetic lower limbs and ankles in recent years which offer potential for both rehabilitation and human augmentation these are described in two chapters the next section addresses an important emphasis in the field of medicine today that strives to bring rehabilitation out from the clinic into the home environment so that these medical aids are more readily available to users the current state-of-the-art in this field is described in a chapter the last section focuses on rehab devices for the pediatric population their impairments are life-long and rehabilitation robotics can have an even bigger impact during their lifespan in recent years a number of new developments have been made to promote mobility socialization and rehabilitation among the very young the infants and toddlers these aspects are summarized in two chapters of this volume contents robot-aided gait training research and development trends of robot-assisted walking rehabilitation incorporating postural balancing a cooperative robotic orthosis for gait assistance user-adaptive control of robotic lower-limb prostheses ankle prosthetics and orthotics trends from passive to active systems soft robotic glove for combined assistance and rehabilitation for activities of daily living rehabilitation robotics wearable systems soft robotic glove for combined assistance and rehabilitation for activities of daily living a review of homebased robotic rehabilitation robot-enhanced walkers for training of children with cerebral palsy pilot studies from autism spectrum disorder to cerebral palsy state-of-the-art in pediatric therapy robots 3ï‚„ 19/9/17 9:18 am