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titles on global health global health policies issues world scientific series in global health economics and public policy volume 3 global health diplomacy volume 3 21st century global health diplomacy world scientific handbook of global health economics and public policy a 3-volume set edited by thomas e novotny san diego state university usa  ilona kickbusch &  michaela told graduate institute of international and development studies switzerland  edited by richard m scheffler  uc berkeley  “these three volumes provide a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge evidence and analysis on some of the most important economic issues facing the health sector written by some of the best in the field this handbook is an invaluable contribution to the field of health economics.” tim evans senior director of health nutrition world bank readership: health economics students health economists policymakers private sector companies ngos

view more medical titles here http www.worldscientific.com/page/medsci general healthcare stochastic modeling and analytics in healthcare delivery systems edited by jingshan li university of wisconsinmadison usa  nan kong purdue university usa & xiaoleixie tsinghua university china  readership researchers and healthcare practitioners in the field of healthcare delivery systems nov 2017 us$118 six countries six reform models the healthcare reform experience of israel the netherlands new zealand singapore switzerland and taiwan  healthcare reforms “under the radar screen” this book focuses on the research and best practices in healthcare engineering and technology assessment with contributions from researchers in the fields of healthcare system stochastic modeling simulation optimization and management this is a valuable read 300pp 978-981-3220-84-3 global health titles on edited by kieke g h okma new york university usa