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volume n the economics of health and health systems covers topics such as the financing of health systems measuring and forecasting health care costs resource allocation and health system performance  healthcare spending and economic growth edit v velényi  macroeconomics trade and health richard smith marcus keogh-brown and johanna hanefeld  0hdvxulqjdqgruhfdvwlqjoredo+hdowk shqglwxuhvthomas e getzen 4 economics of financing health care alexander s preker sherry glied dov chernichovsky and marisa gil lapetra  $owhuqdwlyhlqdqflqj6wudwhjlhviru8qlyhuvdo+hdowk&ryhudjhjoseph kutzin winnie yip and cheryl cashin 6 oredo5lvn$gmxvwhg3d phqw0rghovcamilo cid randall p ellis verónica vargas juergen wasem and lorena prieto 7 5hvrxufh$oorfdwlrqdqg3ulrulw 6hwwlqjlq+hdowk&duh6 vwhpv guillem lopez-casasnovas and laura pellisé-urquiza 8 estimating health care treatment costs problems and solutions alistair mcguire and maria raikou  incentivizing health care utilization and health outcomes william h dow justin s white and stefano m bertozzi  frqrplfydoxdwlrqri+hdowkfduh3urjudpvdqg,qwhuyhqwlrqv$ssolfdwlrqvwr/rzdqg0lggoh,qfrph countries paul revill beth woods and mark j sculpher  inequalities and inequities in health and health care marisol rodríguez and rosa urbanos-garrido volume o health determinants and outcomes covers aging mental health obesity smoking as well as women’s and children’s health  mental health martin knapp and valentina iemmi  $jlqjdqg/rqj7hup&duh audrey laporte and meghan mcmahon  dental care marko vujicic eduardo bernabé daniela garbin neumann carlos quiñonez and elizabeth mertz 4 personalized medicine economic evaluation and evidence kathryn a phillips ken redekop and katherine payne  social capital and health lorenzo rocco and eline aas 6 economics of tobacco control and health ayda yurekli nigar nargis mark goodchild chonlathan visaruthvong sophia delipalla evan blecher anne-marie perucic teh-wei hu anita lee and frank chaloupka 7 +hdowkiihfwvri$ofrkro&rqvxpswlrq catherine lau and alex lau 8 the health impacts of obesity franco sassi marion devaux and michele cecchini  7khfrqrplfvri:rphq¶v+hdowklq/rzdqg0lggoh,qfrph&rxqwulhv$/lih foh$ssurdfk marcella alsan afsan bhadelia patricia foo corinna haberland and felicia knaul  the role of policy making for investing in women’s and children’s health flavia bustreo jennifer franz-vasdeki shyama kuruvilla blerta maliqi and rachael hinton  %hkdylrudofrqrplfv+hdowk$ssolfdwlrqvlqwkh86 douglas e hough  %hkdylrudofrqrplfv+hdowk$ssolfdwlrqvlqwkh8.adam oliver volume p health system characteristics and performance covers primary care hospital performance and quality global human resources for health and the education and training of health professionals medical technology and innovation in health care  +rvslwdo4xdolw dqg3huirupdqfh$urxqgwkhorehbarbara mcpake  global human resources for health joanne spetz michelle s téllez and brent d fulton  impact and costs of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology panos kanavos 4 7hfkqrorjlfdo,qqrydwlrqlq+hdowk&duh$oredo3huvshfwlyh sheila smith  primary care effectiveness and costs tor iversen 6 health systems performance peter berman 7 pay for performance in health systems theory evidence and case studies jed friedman and 5lfkdug6fkhiÀhu 8 medical tourism johanna hanefeld richard smith and thinakorn noree  public-private partnerships pedro pita barros and rui sousa monteiro  translational health economics wolf rogowski jürgen john and maarten j ijzerman world scientific 3f