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guaranteed live delivery on all beneficial insects insect orders placed monday through thursday before noon will be shipped via fedex next-day air for the standard flat-rate shipping fee customers in the limited areas not served by fedex will receive their shipment via ups next-day air and a $10 surcharge will be applied in addition to flat-rate shipping closeup of an aphid beneficial insects aphid predators each aphid predator larva must eat 10 aphids to reach full development but will happily eat many more if they re available great for indoors because they don t fly toward the light for a small indoor garden one release of 100250 predators will get you started note beneficial nematodes can eat aphid predators during the soil stage of their life cycle apr700 aphid predators 100 34.95 ladybugs ladybugs can eat thousands of aphids and other pests a quart will cover 1/4 acre and 1,500 are suitable for a small indoor garden can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months lb700

repellents barriers baits this dust is a must deadly against ants ticks aphids bollworms cockroaches earwigs leaf hoppers mites slugs japanese beetle grubs and more de diatomaceous earth insect dust is a fast-acting combatant against almost any crawling insect infestation de insect dust is actually pulverized shells of microscopic fresh and saltwater algae called diatoms this dust penetrates hard and soft shell insects ultimately resulting in their complete deterioration however it is completely non-toxic to people pets and other animals six-pound bag effectively treats 2,500 square feet did705 de insect dust 6 lb 9.95 keep `em out physically deer-x protective fencing is intended primarily to deter hungry deer from damaging your garden but can also be used as a snow barrier or to prevent soil erosion on banks longlasting polypropylene mesh features uv inhibitors made in u.s.a poles not included dx700 deer-x 7 x 100 20.95 pest disease control control deer problems this book provides

repellents barriers baits cedar smell keeps bugs at bay cedar zone products utilize the aroma of cedar to repel scent-driven insects such as ants flies roaches mosquitoes and gnats ready-to-use spray can be misted on plants or surfaces inside and out without the worry of staining carpet or furniture and dry-pelletized prill can be used to establish an insect-free area outdoors cedar zone is comprised of completely biodegradable materials and will not harm people or pets cz705 czp705 cedar zone rtu 32 oz 17.95 cedar zone prill qt 8.95 pest disease control bugs stay away from bang bang is a 100 organic insect inhibitor effective against spider mites and most other plant-damaging insects use up to three days before harvest indoors or outdoors on fruits veggies flowers and trees great for hydroponics safe and non-toxic bang does not harm birds pets or people ban705 ban710 bang concentrate l 21.95 bang concentrate 4 l 74.95 safe effective wax-based repellent a sticky situation for

repellents barriers baits the penetrating sonic waves of the solmate mole repeller radiate through soil letting those destructive diggers know they are no longer welcome in your yard covering an area of 7,500 square feet 1/6 acre this maintenance-free solar-powered unit will stay charged for up to seven days environmentally friendly the sol-mate mole repeller will not harm people or pets moles will disperse after one or two weeks of continuous use of the sol-mate mole repeller measures 4 x3 1/4 x15 1/4 smr700 sol-mate mole repeller 28.95 mole control mole chaser this 28 high galvanized steel yard windmill creates underground vibrations that moles can t tolerate as the wind turns the blades a clapper rattles inside the underground shaft effectively evacuating moles for a 100 200 radius it s quiet humane and won t annoy you your pets or your neighbors requires 6-8 feet of 1/2 conduit pipe not included made in u.s.a mch700 mole chaser 21.95 save buy two or more for $21.00 each

pyrethrum safe for indoor use safer houseplant insect killer is made with botanical pyrethrins derived from chrysanthemum flowers and is certified by the organic materials review institute omri gentle misting spray kills aphids whiteflies scales spider mites mealybugs and thrips just to name a few contains no cfcs hik700 houseplant insect killer 10 oz 6.95 the doctor is in let garden pests know you re sick of em with a doktor doom total release fogger the active ingredient pyrethrin is derived from chrysanthemums and proven to successfully control spider mites aphids whiteflies fungus gnats and more when used as directed foggers are safe for use in greenhouses and indoor gardens around all plants including fruits vegetables and ornamentals 2.47-ounce can treats a 2,470 cubic foot area 5.35-ounce can fogs a 5,350 cubic foot area while the 14.29-ounce can fogs a 14,290 cubic foot area stock this in your pest-control arsenal for a doctor that s oncall 24-hours a day ddt702 ddt705

fungicide anti-fungal spray copper soap fungicide controls a wide range of troublesome plant diseases including black spot fruit rot late blight and rusts suitable for use on flowers fruits and vegetables csf700 copper soap fungicide rtu 32 oz 8.50 save buy two or more for $8.00 each liquid sulfur pest disease control sulfur is a naturally-occurring pesticide that controls mites on contact and forms a protective barrier on plant leaves to inhibit fungal growth and spore germination use liquid sulfur to prevent powdery mildew leaf spot black spot blight and other fungal diseases mix three to five tablespoons per gallon of water lsu700 liquid sulfur pt 12.95 clean it up physan 20 is an algaecide fungicide bactericide and virucide for hard surface turf and plant applications control algae on all non-porous surfaces in the greenhouse including floors walls walkways benches trays pots wicks capillary matting and buckets use on soil surfaces or hydroponic media phy702 phy710 physan 20

oils clean leaves less pests keeping foliage clean aids in the control of insects and disease and you ll love smc leaf wash because it can be used right up to the day of harvest without any risk to you or your crops smc leaf wash is blended from pure plant extracts with no toxic chemicals used in its formulation smc leaf wash is totally safe and can be used in confined situations sc700 smc leaf wash 100 ml 9.95 natural leaf polish neem oil concentrate is 100 pure oil pressed from the seeds of the indian neem tree the oil is an excellent foliar plant spray mix one teaspoon per quart of water pno700 pno705 pno710 pure neem oil 8 oz 7.95 pure neem oil qt 25.95 pure neem oil gal 82.95 pest disease control knock em out with neem try neem oil once and you ll be hooked neem oil controls black spot rusts and mildew and kills mites and insects including whitefly aphid and scale safe for use indoor or out on ornamental plants flowers vegetables trees shrubs as well as fruit and nut crops

weed control pest disease control no weeds no worry weed prevention plus 8-2-4 is a pelletized pre-emergent formula with corn gluten meal to stop weeds where they start apply early in the growing season to prevent weed seedlings from developing corn gluten effectively controls crabgrass dandelions clover and much more formula comes in a re-sealable easy-to-use shaker bag and works well in flower gardens on landscaping around trees and under bird feeders weed prevention plus is safe and will not harm children or pets even immediately after application all-natural formula keeps you weed-free and happy apply five pounds per 250 square feet wpp710 wpp725 weed prevention plus 5 lb bag 11.95 weed prevention plus 25 lb bag mail order 27.95 in-store 23.95 takes weeds and grass out of your way burnout ii weed grass killer works quickly to solve your weed or grass problems this effective blend includes a mix of vinegar lemon juices and other compounds that cause problem plants to wilt in

other goodies and don t forget to have fun swtl800 swtx800 swtxx800 the early worm gets the birdie tee off in style with our worm s way disc golf gear looking for a precise putter the worm s way disc golf putter is ideal for short drives finesse approaches and putts putters are pdga-approved and feature the wormie logo against a solidcolored background our durable green worm s way disc golf bags have two roomy zippered compartments a mesh pocket and separate spot for a water bottle wwdp800 worm s way disc golf putter 9.95 wwdgb800 worm s way disc golf bag 24.95 support superworm s pledge to help gardeners in need by sporting our superworm t-shirt pre-shrunk t-shirt made from 100 white cotton will keep you cool in more ways than one superworm t-shirt large 11.95 superworm t-shirt xlarge 11.95 superworm t-shirt xxlarge 14.95 back sunleaves disc golf stuff enjoy a great game of disc golf with sunleaves disc golf putters and drivers while the sunleaves disc golf putter is

ordering/shipping information now featuring silver and gold memberships choose your membership level and receive the worm s way ballast insurance plan three-year warranty protect your ballast with the worm s way ballast insurance plan under this plan any sunleaves remote hid ballast purchased from worm s way is 0000 protected for three years from its original purchase date provided insured ballast is operated and maintained according to manufacturer s operating instructions worm s way will replace parts and provide labor to correct defects in materials or workmanship at no charge to you worm s way will repair or replace insured ballast at our discretion with one of equal or greater value by 5 pm the same day provided you deliver the insured defective ballast to your local worm s way store at or before noon items returned by mail will be shipped out within two business days of their receipt via standard ground delivery wwbip worm s way ballast insurance program 24.95 frequent farmer

to order by phone call worm s way at 1-800-274-9676 if different from mailing label your street address is required for shipping no po boxes please name address city state zip daytime phone in case we have a question about your order best to call a.m p.m or via email at stock no qty item share the joy of year `round gardening the next time a friend asks to take home your worm s way catalog tell them they can receive one of their own just fill in the blanks and we ll send them a copy order form name address city e-mail state zip each total sales tax must be added for orders from these states ca .7.75 fl .7 in .6 ky .6 ma .5 m0 .6.575 tn .9.25 shipping via fedex ground for the 48 states if subtotal is add if subtotal is add under $15 $5.00 $35-50 $8.00 $15-25 $6.00 $50-75 $9.00 $25-35 $7.00 $75-100 $10.00 if your order is over $100 please add 10 costs shown are for the 48 contiguous u.s states only and do not

visit one of our stores indiana located in the rolling hills of beautiful southern indiana our flagship store offers the finest selection of innovative year-round gardening products and an experienced staff dedicated to your success all of our worm s way locations offer a huge selection of your favorite year-round gardening products including the latest in hydroponics indoor garden lighting and organics plus local specialties because our stores are employee-owned you can be assured of experienced knowledgeable friendly assistance florida the best stocked hydro shop in the southern us worm s way florida features selection and service second to none beat the heat and garden indoors with help from the very best in the business massachusetts worm s way massachusetts meets all your year-round gardening needs under one roof our lighting and hydroponics systems nutrients and more lay the groundwork for the ever-growing choices available stores open 10am 6pm ยท 7 days a week missouri