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sunleaves durapump air 950 gph sunleaves vitalume compact fluorescent 125w sunleaves tds essential digital pen ez flo automatic fertilization system sunleaves pioneer vi grow sunleaves heatwave stainless steel shm540 millennium cal mag max jungle rain clean leaf vita grow water conditioner in line tds meter high pressure sodium lamps spectrum liquid propane to natural gas conversion kit 120 volt ac relay 15 amp ebb and flow tables worms way inc metanaturals organic nitrogen millennium ruby fulvic milky spore dispenser milky spore powder pyrethrum total release fogger sunleaves satellite iv sunleaves silica stone super nutrients sva svb pantry moth trap burnout weed killer rtu 24 clear vinyl saucers seedling heat mat corn gluten meal hot pepper wax spray comet 200w bulb expanded clay pellets little giant pumps kitchen compost kit cayenne pepper extract ph meter probe organic little giant pump 120 volt co2 solenoid soil ph meter worms way locations cf can filter 705 lp gas conversion kit for burners automatic fertillization system ebb and flow systems reverse osmosis system with pump used natural gas generators t5 full spectrum light bulbs propane to natural gas conversions silicon spray for plants natural gas conversion kits photosynthetically active radiation bloomington in worms way natural gas to propane kit 120 volt ac cooling fan 2 inch net cups 3 1 2 fertilizer for trees and ornamentals

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fluorescent lighting 461 8 x 91 8 x 23 8 see the light with a satellite super-efficient sunleaves satellite ii and satellite iv fluorescent fixtures are cool-operating alternatives to traditional 47 x 13 x 3 hid systems satellites can be positioned close to plants without scorching delicate new growth and are self-contained units that can hang both vertically and horizontally their low profile also maximizes your spacing options with two tt105 fluorescent tubes the satellite ii delivers high yields emitting 20,000 lumens with just 210 watts the satellite iv pulls double-duty with four tubes and outperforms 1000-watt metal halide systems with over 40,000 lumens at 420 watts best of all both fluorescent tt105 grow and bloom tube types fit the satellite fixtures so you can stimulate vegetative growth or fruiting and flowering to grow plants to maturity satellites ii and iv grow include grow tubes while satellites ii and iv bloom include bloom tubes both bloom and grow tube

lighting accessories your reflector raises and lowers easily when suspended from a pair of flexi-hangers the retractable nylon cord creates smooth up-and-down movement for simple reflector positioning hangers come with attachment hardware making them compatible with practically any reflector maximum weight 22 pounds per pair fh100 flexi-hanger 24.95 no more awkward chains map your light coverage this precision light meter is designed specifically for plant-care applications meter is equipped with a handy remote probe capable of reading light from any angle use the light meter to determine areas with the best light coverage and gauge your lamp s performance intensity of sun fluorescent and hid light is measured in footcandles permanently calibrated no batteries required lm100 light meter 29.95 optimize light intensity with the light hanger the light hanger allows you to move your lamp up and down so you can keep your light close to the canopy and move the light upwards as your plants

hydroponics systems aero210k awesome aeroponics get aggressive growth rates with the power of aeroponics and the expandable aerojet hydrogardens microjets spray plant roots with nutrient solution while simultaneously delivering high levels of oxygen creating an ideal growing environment mist settings can aero200k be switched from continuous to periodic bursts of one-minute-on and four-minutes-off every two four and six-tray system comes with six four-inch net pots for each tray the two-tray aerojet has a 10-gallon reservoir and a 350 gallon per hour pump while the fourand six-tray aerojets have 20-gallon reservoirs and 550 gallon per hour pumps aero200k aero210k aero220k aerojet 2 tray 469.95 aerojet 4 tray 652.95 aerojet 6 tray 834.95 expert advice volume one of a q&a series presented by growing edge magazine hydroponic solutions addresses over 250 hydroponics questions answered by a panel of industry experts authors lynette morgan ph.d and douglas j peckenpaugh cover topics from

warm roots are happy roots maintaining proper nutrient solution temperature is simple with a sunleaves heatwave these stainless steel reservoir heaters can be set between 68 and 93 degrees f and feature a calibrated external temperature control dial on/off indicator light remote temperature sensor and oneyear warranty each heatwave includes three suction cup mounts two for the heating element and one for the remote sensor shm540 shm560 sunleaves heatwave stainless steel 200w 24.95 sunleaves heatwave stainless steel 300w 26.95 sbt2001 sbt2002 sbt2005 sbt2010 sbt2101 sbt2102 sbt2105 sbt2110 sbt2201 sbt2202 sbt2205 sbt2210 sbt2301 sbt2302 sbt2305 sbt2310 sbt2401 sbt2402 sbt2405 sbt2410 black tubing to fulfill every need sunleaves black tubing is conveniently packaged in varying lengths of 10 25 50 and 100 diameters vary measurements represent the inside diameter outside diameter is 1/8 to 1/4 larger sunleaves black tubing 3/8 10 6.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/8 25 10.00

from root to fruit consisting of millennium spring summer and autumn the millennium nutrient system provides the essential elements plants need for healthy growth throughout their life span millennium spring 0.75-1.1-3.7 is a custom blend of micronutrients phosphorus potassium and natural rooting compounds for use on seedlings and cuttings in the initial stages of development rich in phosphorus and potassium with additional glycine and auxins millennium summer 1.1-1.0-1.9 is the full vegetative seasonal nutrient for adolescent plants last but not least millennium autumn 0.95-2.5-5.1 is for adult plants during their fruit and flowering stage and contains micronutrients amino acids cytokines vitamins liquid phospholipids phosphorus and potassium spring summer and autumn should all be used in conjuction with millennium fulcrum hard or soft depending on your water source msp405 msp410 msp415 msp420 msu405 msu410 msu415 msu420 mau405 mau410 mau415 mau420 millennium spring qt 13.95

calibration solution guide for tds/ec combo meters gcs505 gcs510 grocheck solution 1500 dcs510 dcs520 tds solution 989 1500 std510 sunleaves tds essential solution mts505 milwaukee tds solution 1500 reliable results sts500 sharp tds solution 1382 ses500 sharp ec solution 1413 pes505 pet ec solution 1413 cwt505 tds solution 1382 tcs510 tds solution 1500 · primary manufacturer recommended calibration solutions o compatible calibration solutions get accurate readings every time with the highquality tds calibration solution from general hydroponics for use with tds testers measuring 1500 ppm tcs510 tds calibration solution 1500 qt 24.95 ph/ec/tds tds calibration solution this tds calibration solution is the perfect match for the trimeter page 57 cwt505 tds calibration solution 1382 230 ml 12.95 cwt500 dist500 gcc500 gtm500 pet500 sctm510 sew510 spem500 sptm500 step500 std500 stm500 stw500 tri500 ttw500 itm500 combo waterproof tester waterproof ec tds tester grocheck combo grocheck

effortless control gain worry-free control over ventilation co2 and heating units with the atmosphere co2 day-night temperature controller photosensor activates co2 during day cycles then as temperature rises ventilation is activated and co2 is shut off controller features accurate and reliable external temperature probes night heat outlet co2 outlet day and night exhaust outlet photo cell indicator lights and standard 120v receptacles unit is rated for 15 amps at 120v and carries a three-year warranty atcdn603 atmosphere co2 day-night temperature controller 239.95 independent temperature and humidity controller the atmosphere independent controller has the same great design as the atmosphere controller but also features two separate temperature and humidity outlets this innovative design allows control of temperature and humidity separately connect a fan and de-humidifier to the unit the atmosphere independent controller controls temperature and humidity automatically unit is rated

attack of the monstrous poblanos fertilizers amendments warning to all local gardeners giant peppers tomatoes and hibiscus have been observed overgrowing their containers and garden plots across the nation experts attribute this prolific growth to fox farm s soluble nutrient line with three ph-balanced blends of extra strength micro and macro nutrients fox farm s soluble nutrients have everything you need to supercharge your garden open sesame 5-45-19 to encourage early flowering and ripening beastie bloomz 0-50-30 for maximum blossom development and heavy fruit and cha ching 9-50-10 to improve taste and aroma each nutrient blend is available separately or you can get all three in a convenient tri-pack these nutrients can be used as a supplement to your current feeding schedule or as a stand alone nutrient line up in soil and hydroponics systems a portion of the proceeds from fox farm s soluble tri-pak goes to the hydro for hunger initiative that battles hunger around the world

sunlight in a bottle a proprietary blend of fermented plant and seaweed extracts synergy bloom/growth enhancer provides plants with natural hormones amino acids betaines humates enzymes and a complex of metabolic precursors to produce rapid cell division stimulate bloom break enhance cell differentiation and improve vascular development synergy increases the rate of photosynthesis and provides induced systemic resistance omri certified organic sbge400 synergy bloom/growth enhancer 16 oz 21.95 sbge405 synergy bloom/growth enhancer qt 40.95 sbge410 synergy bloom/growth enhancer gal 155.95 for tide-y returns the naturally chelated micronutrients in bio-genesis premium series high tide organic seaweed 0-0-4.5 enhance plant fruit and flower quality by stimulating root growth and boosting plant resistance to pests disease and other stresses containing six percent humic acids derived from the seaweed high tide organic seaweed is safe for use in hydroponics systems and as a foliar feed

repellents barriers baits this dust is a must deadly against ants ticks aphids bollworms cockroaches earwigs leaf hoppers mites slugs japanese beetle grubs and more de diatomaceous earth insect dust is a fast-acting combatant against almost any crawling insect infestation de insect dust is actually pulverized shells of microscopic fresh and saltwater algae called diatoms this dust penetrates hard and soft shell insects ultimately resulting in their complete deterioration however it is completely non-toxic to people pets and other animals six-pound bag effectively treats 2,500 square feet did705 de insect dust 6 lb 9.95 keep `em out physically deer-x protective fencing is intended primarily to deter hungry deer from damaging your garden but can also be used as a snow barrier or to prevent soil erosion on banks longlasting polypropylene mesh features uv inhibitors made in u.s.a poles not included dx700 deer-x 7 x 100 20.95 pest disease control control deer problems this book provides

visit one of our stores indiana located in the rolling hills of beautiful southern indiana our flagship store offers the finest selection of innovative year-round gardening products and an experienced staff dedicated to your success all of our worm s way locations offer a huge selection of your favorite year-round gardening products including the latest in hydroponics indoor garden lighting and organics plus local specialties because our stores are employee-owned you can be assured of experienced knowledgeable friendly assistance florida the best stocked hydro shop in the southern us worm s way florida features selection and service second to none beat the heat and garden indoors with help from the very best in the business massachusetts worm s way massachusetts meets all your year-round gardening needs under one roof our lighting and hydroponics systems nutrients and more lay the groundwork for the ever-growing choices available stores open 10am 6pm · 7 days a week missouri