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repellents barriers baits this dust is a must deadly against ants ticks aphids bollworms cockroaches earwigs leaf hoppers mites slugs japanese beetle grubs and more de diatomaceous earth insect dust is a fast-acting combatant against almost any crawling insect infestation de insect dust is actually pulverized shells of microscopic fresh and saltwater algae called diatoms this dust penetrates hard and soft shell insects ultimately resulting in their complete deterioration however it is completely non-toxic to people pets and other animals six-pound bag effectively treats 2,500 square feet did705 de insect dust 6 lb 9.95 keep `em out physically deer-x protective fencing is intended primarily to deter hungry deer from damaging your garden but can also be used as a snow barrier or to prevent soil erosion on banks longlasting polypropylene mesh features uv inhibitors made in u.s.a poles not included dx700 deer-x 7 x 100 20.95 pest disease control control deer problems this book provides valuable information on controlling deer identifying deer damage homemade deterrents selecting quality commercial repellents designing home landscapes that deter deer fencing tips and more dpy900 deer proofing your yard garden 14.95 go undercover extend your outdoor growing season and protect young seedlings from pests with our lightweight crop cover the ultra-thin polyester material retains heat while allowing light and water to permeate the surface installation and removal is a cinch durable cover measures 67 x 20 lcc720 lightweight crop cover 67 x 20 10.95 biodegradable repellent for deer and other 4-legged animals you won t notice any unpleasant odor but the deer sure do deer-off is a naturally-based biodegradable deer deterrent for use on all of your plants including food crops animals don t like deer-off for two reasons it smells and tastes bad to them a combination of egg solids garlic oil and hot peppers makes an effective deterrent use deer-off at least once a season for best results each weatherproof application lasts three months available in a ready-to-use convenient spray bottle or concentrate also effective against rabbits voles moles and squirrels discontinue use two weeks before harvest dee705 dee720 deer-off rtu qt 18.95 deer-off concentrate pt 25.95 slug em with sluggo slugs and snails can t resist this biodegradable slug bait but they ll wish they had once they ve ingested sluggo slugs and snails slither away and die within three to six days spread sluggo on lawns around vegetables flowers and more sluggo remains effective despite irrigation or rain use one pound per 1000 square feet or one teaspoon per square yard slu700 slu710 slu720 sluggo lb 9.95 sluggo 2 1/2 lb 17.95 sluggo 10 lb 65.95 deer repellent plus bobbex is an organic foliar spray that repels animals and insects and also contains a low strength fertilizer that is readily absorbed through plant leaves bdr700 bobbex deer repellent rtu qt 19.95 repel snails and slugs with static charge the copper in this barrier holds a small electrical charge that repels slugs and snails naturally wrap 1 1/4 wide copper barrier tape around trees plants planters patio furniture pet dishes and raised garden beds adhesive back for easy application ssc700 copper barrier tape 15 roll 9.50 save buy two or more for $9.00 each bugs hate it garlic barrier repels harmful garden bugs indoors and out with an organic garlic-water solution becomes odorless minutes after application and leaves no aftertaste great for fruit nut and citrus trees vine crops and vegetables one diluted quart covers 1/4 acre gba705 garlic barrier concentrate qt 11.95 stop slugs in their tracks slug stop is a barrier that keeps slugs and snails away from plants it is made from pure coconut oil soap and works for up to three weeks even in rainy weather guaranteed to stop slugs and snails css700 concern slug stop 5 oz 6.95 save buy two or more for $6.50 each keep nosy pests out the dual-action formula in get away animal repellent works well to repel animals with an acute sense of smell or taste such as deer rabbits squirrels raccoons dogs and cats but its pleasant lemon scent is not offensive to humans apply to gardens lawns landscaped areas and garbage the oil-based mixture of chili and mustard resists washing off not for use with food crops gaa705 get away animal repellent rtu qt 14.95 102 800-274-9676