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lighting accessories your reflector raises and lowers easily when suspended from a pair of flexi-hangers the retractable nylon cord creates smooth up-and-down movement for simple reflector positioning hangers come with attachment hardware making them compatible with practically any reflector maximum weight 22 pounds per pair fh100 flexi-hanger 24.95 no more awkward chains map your light coverage this precision light meter is designed specifically for plant-care applications meter is equipped with a handy remote probe capable of reading light from any angle use the light meter to determine areas with the best light coverage and gauge your lamp s performance intensity of sun fluorescent and hid light is measured in footcandles permanently calibrated no batteries required lm100 light meter 29.95 optimize light intensity with the light hanger the light hanger allows you to move your lamp up and down so you can keep your light close to the canopy and move the light upwards as your plants grow optimizing the intensity of the light your plants receive this sturdy unit comes with a pull-string to let you quickly and easily adjust the height of your lamp the light hanger comes ready to install with headrail two 3 1/2 screws and two washers lh100 light hanger 34.95 watt am i paying plug electrical products into the kill a watt and find out how efficient or wasteful they really are this device assesses power quality by monitoring voltage line frequency and power factor with accuracy 0.2 percent the large lcd display monitors the kilowatt-hour consumption of electronics to learn how much they cost to run electrical expenses may be calculated by the day week month or even year one-year manufacturer s warranty kaw100 kill a watt 39.95 light intensity analyzer point the photoreceptor at any light source to get a light intensity reading from 0-10,000 footcandles no batteries required sam100 sun analyzer meter 14.95 15 www.wormsway.com