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dear gardening friend thank you for choosing to grow with worm s way and welcome to our 2006 fall/winter catalog now at 112 full-color pages there are even more smart gardening choices available for your perusal topping our list of customer favorites are several items from sunleaves garden products that you won t want to miss sunleaves coir bricks and blocks are now certified by the organic materials review institute omri and available in two distinct formulations including classic coir and piece coir pg 33 and just months after their spring introduction the complete line of energy-saving sunleaves fluorescent fixtures pg 4 and 5 has been a consistent group of performers and best-sellers gardeners preferring high intensity discharge hid lighting can also improve the efficiency of their lighting system with new elux electronic ballasts pg 10 while hydroponics enthusiasts can explore the latest in aeroponics technology with the nutramist systems and components pg 29 curious about choosing the right fluorescent or hid lighting system for your needs or learning the basics of composting ph testing and propagation besides dozens of new products there are also several useful gardening resources debuting throughout the catalog article titles and page references are listed below for your convenience as for other changes at worm s way customers receiving mail orders may notice our we reuse and recycle wormie logo on their shipments as cardboard boxes are being repurposed in an effort to reduce waste visitors to wormsway.com now have the added convenience of downloading nutrient feeding schedules from name-brand suppliers in addition to checking schedules for the free in-store seminars offered at each of our indiana florida massachusetts kentucky missouri and tennessee locations regardless of whether you shop in store online or place an order toll free at 800274-9676 we always look forward to helping you make the most of your gardening endeavors as always thank you for making worm s way your number one source for year `round and organic gardening supplies table of contents beneficial insects 101 co2 environmental control 66 composting 98 fertilizers amendments 78 fluorescent lighting 4 garden tools watering 95 greenhouses 97 growing media 32 hid lighting 8 hid lamps 12 hydroponics components 36 hydroponics nutrients supplements 42 hydroponics systems 20 lighting accessories 14 order form 111 welcome sincerely martin heydt president worm s way ordering information 110 other goodies 109 pest disease control 102 ph/ec/tds 54 propagation 59 soil containers 94 stonewool 31 ventilation air purification 72 articles charts composting tips 98 nutrients ph and maximizing efficiency 54 conversion chart 53 n-p-k and beyond 91 fluorescent system choosing a 3 odor control overview 77 hid system choosing an 6 propagation seed and hydro system do it yourself 37 clone success 60 resource index beginning hydroponics 27 deer proofing your yard and garden 102 gardening indoors 17 gardening indoors with co2 67 gardening indoors with cuttings 65 gardening indoors with rockwool 34 hobby hydroponics 27 how-to hydroponics 53 hydroponic basics 14 hydroponic food production 53 hydroponic gardening 34 hydroponic home food gardens 27 hydroponic solutions q a 26 hydroponic tomatoes for the home gardener 28 hydroponics cd rom 28 hydroponics question answer 53 insatiable gardeners guide 14 inside hydroponics video 30 secrets of plant propagation 65 worm book the 100 worms eat my garbage 100 2 800-274-9676