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hydroponics systems aero210k awesome aeroponics get aggressive growth rates with the power of aeroponics and the expandable aerojet hydrogardens microjets spray plant roots with nutrient solution while simultaneously delivering high levels of oxygen creating an ideal growing environment mist settings can aero200k be switched from continuous to periodic bursts of one-minute-on and four-minutes-off every two four and six-tray system comes with six four-inch net pots for each tray the two-tray aerojet has a 10-gallon reservoir and a 350 gallon per hour pump while the fourand six-tray aerojets have 20-gallon reservoirs and 550 gallon per hour pumps aero200k aero210k aero220k aerojet 2 tray 469.95 aerojet 4 tray 652.95 aerojet 6 tray 834.95 expert advice volume one of a q&a series presented by growing edge magazine hydroponic solutions addresses over 250 hydroponics questions answered by a panel of industry experts authors lynette morgan ph.d and douglas j peckenpaugh cover topics from greenhouse operations temperature control and carbon dioxide to crop-specific growing tips and hydroponics and lighting systems 130 pages hsqa900 hydroponic solutions 19.95 o save at ways t s two gre ow there n frequent farmers a new item is selected and discounted each week stop in a worm s way store or visit wormsway.com every week and take advantage of these great deals 26 800-274-9676 weekly specials discount club save on all purchases for an entire year with frequent farmer silver and gold memberships see page 110 for details.