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warm roots are happy roots maintaining proper nutrient solution temperature is simple with a sunleaves heatwave these stainless steel reservoir heaters can be set between 68 and 93 degrees f and feature a calibrated external temperature control dial on/off indicator light remote temperature sensor and oneyear warranty each heatwave includes three suction cup mounts two for the heating element and one for the remote sensor shm540 shm560 sunleaves heatwave stainless steel 200w 24.95 sunleaves heatwave stainless steel 300w 26.95 sbt2001 sbt2002 sbt2005 sbt2010 sbt2101 sbt2102 sbt2105 sbt2110 sbt2201 sbt2202 sbt2205 sbt2210 sbt2301 sbt2302 sbt2305 sbt2310 sbt2401 sbt2402 sbt2405 sbt2410 black tubing to fulfill every need sunleaves black tubing is conveniently packaged in varying lengths of 10 25 50 and 100 diameters vary measurements represent the inside diameter outside diameter is 1/8 to 1/4 larger sunleaves black tubing 3/8 10 6.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/8 25 10.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/8 50 17.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/8 100 30.00 sunleaves black tubing 1/2 10 7.00 sunleaves black tubing 1/2 25 11.00 sunleaves black tubing 1/2 50 19.00 sunleaves black tubing 1/2 100 33.00 sunleaves black tubing 5/8 10 9.00 sunleaves black tubing 5/8 25 14.00 sunleaves black tubing 5/8 50 24.00 sunleaves black tubing 5/8 100 45.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/4 10 11.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/4 25 22.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/4 50 39.00 sunleaves black tubing 3/4 100 75.00 sunleaves black tubing 1 10 22.50 sunleaves black tubing 1 25 45.00 sunleaves black tubing 1 50 80.00 sunleaves black tubing 1 100 150.00 hydroponics components aerate to make it great add oxygen to a stale reservoir with sunleaves air stones these rigid air diffusers are perfect for adding oxygen to any nutrient solution just add air-pump and tubing six and twelve-inch models available sas506 sas512 sunleaves air stone 6 1.50 sunleaves air stone 12 3.00 sunleaves aquafuse the sunleaves aquafuse flexible air diffuser bends to any shape while the porous surface oxygenates nutrient solution along its entire length reduced back pressure makes the aquafuse less demanding on air pumps than rigid air stones and it s easy to clean just by rinsing under running water sa500 sa510 sunleaves aquafuse 3 3.95 sunleaves aquafuse 4 4.95 the air connection sunleaves 1/4 air tubing for use with air pumps and air diffusion devices sat510 sat520 sunleaves air tubing 1/4 10 2.95 sunleaves air tubing 1/4 20 3.95 a quick and easy do-it-yourself hydroponics system what you need · standard 5-gallon bucket · growing medium of your choice ­ we recommend · 10 bucket lid bl310 pg 34 hydroton hyd310 pg 35 or sunleaves silica stone · submersible water pump 250-350 gph pg 36 sss320 pg 34 · 2 section of 1/2 black tubing sbt2101 pg 37 · hydroponics nutrient of your choice · heavy-duty rubber band · sharp sterile cutting utensil utility knife or similar · plant you wish to grow start with a clean food-safe five-gallon bucket to serve as your main hydroponics reservoir next take your utility knife and carefully poke multiple holes along the length of your 1/2 tubing to effectively convert it into a spray line attach the 1/2 tubing to the submersible pump and position the pump in bottom of the bucket fold over the opposite end of the tubing and secure it with the rubber band the tubing should now be connected to the pump on one end and closed off on the other now you want to coil the tubing within the bucket so that it gradually rises from bottom to top and rests along the edge of the bucket fill the bucket three-quarters of the way with water and nutrient mixed according to instructions on label and place the 10 lid in the bucket fill the lid one-half to three-quarters of the way with growing medium add your plant and top off the lid with the remainder of medium plug in your system and enjoy www.wormsway.com 37