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replace vital nutrient during fruiting cal-mag plus 2-0-0 is a custom blend of calcium complex with nitrate nitrogen and a highly-soluble form of chelated magnesium this combination prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies as well as blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers cal-mag plus also contains iron boron zinc manganese molybdenum copper cobalt beneficial vitamins amino acids and botanical extracts this supplement can be used with standard nutrient formulations or as a foliar application for plants grown in soil and hydroponics systems cmp405 cmp410 cmp415 new size cmp420 cal-mag plus qt 17.95 cal-mag plus gal 44.95 cal-mag plus 21/2 gal 99.95 cal-mag plus 5 gal 179.95 hydroponics nutrients supplements hydroguard bio-fungicide water treatment solution colonizes plant root zones with a mixture of beneficial bacteria to strengthen and protect plants because it forms a barrier against damping-off disease and root rot hydroguard is especially effective when used with seedlings and cuttings use in soil or hydro systems even aeroponics hg705 hg710 hg715 hg720 hydroguard qt 13.95 hydroguard gal 34.95 hydroguard 2 1/2 gal 78.95 hydroguard 5 gal 144.95 like a sherman tank for your plants a blast of benefits like detox for the garden nutrient salts can build up over time creating a toxic condition in your hydroponic media or potted plants a great front-line defense clearex loosens the bond between nutrient salts and your growing media to allow thorough leaching of salt deposits cle405 cle410 cle415 cle420 clearex qt 11.95 clearex gal 29.95 clearex 2 1/2 gal 71.50 clearex 5 gal 134.95 use silica blast nutrient supplement to encourage plant tissue development and enhance yields silica blast cushions the effects of harsh environmental conditions like drought and frost mix 1/2 to one teaspoon per gallon of water for container gardening and one teaspoon per gallon of water to achieve 105 silicate ppm in hydroponics applications sb405 sb410 silica blast qt 11.95 silica blast gal 29.95 doctor approved new dr lynette morgan is an internationally accomplished hydroponics consultant researcher and author who recently formulated the commercial nutrient system a professional-grade fertilization program consisting of cns17 bloom 2-2-5 and grow 3-2-4 each component is highly-concentrated with chelates and the essential elements plants require to reach their full potential cns17 bloom and grow are suited for any plant in any medium however they are designed to equalize increased levels of potassium found in some coir-based media application rates vary depending on stage of growth cnsb410 cnsb415 cnsb420 cnsg410 cnsg415 cnsg420 cns17 bloom gal 24.95 cns17 bloom 2 1/2 gal 59.95 cns17 bloom 5 gal 109.95 cns17 grow gal 24.95 cns17 grow 2 1/2 gal 59.95 cns17 grow 5 gal 109.95 d ing schedu feed le s ad on lo n l in w o e rmsway.com and cl wo feeding sched it lar ules ick o is pu f n v o or p as well as several other top-selling brands 47 www.wormsway.com