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feel the need for speed green energy grow is designed to increase photosynthesis by increasing a plant s ability to produce chlorophyll by improving the absorption of nutrients green energy grow improves crop yields reduces flower and fruit drop speeds growth and adds to the shelf life of fruits seeds and flowers organic green energy grow is derived from soya protein extracts seaweed extracts papain enzymes and organic acetic acid mgeg405 millennium green energy grow qt 15.25 mgeg410 millennium green energy grow gal 44.95 hydroponics nutrients supplements hydroponics nutrients green energy for better blooms organic plant-derived green energy bloom is a bloom enhancement for shortening the bloom cycle and increasing the subjective values in crops such as flavor and appearance containing blue green algae along with plant cell division nutritional elements green energy bloom also includes naturally fermented extracts high in naphthalene acetic acid and is rich in zinc and boron mgeb405 millennium green energy bloom qt 15.25 mgeb410 millennium green energy bloom gal 44.95 encourage and maintain compact growth enhance root development and more with hyphos 1.8-7.5-1.8 a highphosphorus low-nitrogen lowpotassium nutrient designed to be used over short intervals when applied early in the growing cycle hyphos helps plants develop short internodes hyphos may also be used in the bloom phase in higher concentration to enhance flowering and maintain short internodes mhy405 mhy410 millennium hyphos qt 15.25 millennium hyphos gal 44.95 more micros to the max millennium cal-mag max gives your plants a rich calcium and magnesium solution for the heavy nutritional requirements of their bloom and vegetative phases without other nutrient elements such as nitrogen phosphorus or potassium rich in minor and micro plant food elements cal-mag max is also a great foliar fertilizer mcm405 millennium cal-mag max qt 15.25 mcm410 millennium cal-mag max gal 44.95 mcm415 millennium cal-mag max 2 1/2 gal 99.95 ruby fulvic performs ruby fulvic is the highest quality fulvic acid plant growth amendment with a baseline set of micronutrients containing low levels of cytokines auxins and indoleacetic acid iaa derived from fermented seaweeds as well as algae and plant-rich sources highly concentrated ruby fulvic is designed to enhance the uptake and internal transport of micronutrient elements by plants and to increase transpiration rates without raising residual ph mrf405 mrf410 mrf415 mrf420 millennium ruby fulvic qt 15.25 millennium ruby fulvic gal 44.95 millennium ruby fulvic 2 1/2 gal 100.25 millennium ruby fulvic 5 gal 187.95 it s easy being green a highly concentrated complete fertilizer with custom micronutrients millennium green blast 7.5-0-4 provides plants with a very powerful nitrogen source along with other key elements green blast is especially helpful with plants that need an extra boost mgb405 millennium green blast qt 15.25 mgb410 millennium green blast gal 44.95 a bloomin wonder potassium plays critical roles throughout a plant s life particularly in the bloom phase ph-neutral hypotash 0-0-6 is pure potassium in liquid form each teaspoon of hypotash yields exactly 100 ppm of liquid potassium which is easily taken up by plants without affecting crop flavor as can dry forms of potassium mha405 mha410 millennium hypotash qt 15.25 millennium hypotash gal 44.95 just before the harvest designed to enhance flavor and aroma of fruits vegetables and flowers millennium twilight 1-4.5-3 should be used only over short intervals or on single-season plants that are harvested at one time mtw405 mtw410 millennium twilight qt 15.25 millennium twilight gal 44.95 49 www.wormsway.com