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digital waterproof ph and tds test meters these waterproof testers use microprocessors for fast accurate readings display self-diagnostic messages to assist with troubleshooting and even float hold the tip of the unit in the liquid push the on/off button and get a digital reading within seconds the ph testers feature easy push-button calibration and measure ph from 0.0 14.0 accurate to ±0.1 tester 2 features temperature compensation the tds tester measures from 0-1990 ppm with a ±1 accuracy all units feature replaceable electrodes and require three 1.4-volt batteries not included ptw500 ptw510 ptw550 ptw560 ttw500 ttw510 waterproof ph tester 1 84.95 replacement electrode 47.95 waterproof ph tester 2 w/temperature compensation 107.95 replacement electrode 59.95 waterproof tds tester 89.95 replacement electrode 56.95 time for a filter change take the guesswork out of changing the filters on your reverse osmosis water treatment system the in-line tds meter will give you accurate readings of total dissolved solids on the tap water coming in or the purified water going out of your system at any time the microprocessor-controlled electrodes give accurate readings 2 between 0 and 9990 ppm the in-line tds meter comes factory calibrated and can be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver if necessary in and out probes are housed in john guest quick-connect 1/4 tfittings on 24.5 cables for easy installation and auto-off function will help to prolong life of included batteries itm500 in-line tds meter 39.95 ph/ec/tds two-in-one meter kit this complete kit includes everything you need to accurately monitor your nutrient ph and total dissolved solids tds a reliable waterproof ph tester 2 and a waterproof tds tester in addition to ph and tds calibration solutions wtk waterproof tester kit 224.95 monitor ph and tds with one dependable unit the grocheck combo provides continuous testing of both ph and tds this advanced tool offers the convenience of a 2-in-1 meter a double-junction electrode with non-clogging teflon diaphragm measures ph from 0.0 to 14.0 with a set-point range of 3-7 the rugged tds probe provides automatic temperature compensation and measures from 0 to 1990 ppm with a set-point range of 500 to 1600 ppm the stateof-the-art grocheck combo comes with a 12v ac adapter requires no batteries and includes a wall-mount bracket for hands-free readings two-year warranty on the meter 6-month warranty on the probes gcc500 grocheck combo 169.95 waterproof testers dist500 phep510 cwt500 these great waterproof testers make testing your ph ec and tds quick and simple each tester comes with a probe and batteries and features a battery self-check to ensure proper functioning the waterproof ec/tds tester measures ec with a range of 0 to 3999 s/cm and tds with a range of 0 to 2000 ppm the waterproof ph tester measures ph with a range of 0.00 -14.00 ph and temperature from 32.0°-140.0°f the combo waterproof tester measures ec with a range of 0-3999 s/cm tds with a range of 02000ppm and ph with a range of 0.00-14.00 the replacement ph electrode is compatible with both the phep510 and cwt500 testers dist500 phep510 cwt500 phep505 waterproof ec tds tester 114.95 waterproof ph tester 114.95 combo waterproof tester 189.95 ph electrode 52.95 three meters in one the ph-ec-tds pet meter combines ph and ppm sensors in one probe on a 3 cable it also measures mineral ion concentration in electrical conductivity ms/cm as an alternative to ppm automatic temperature compensation calibration knobs no screwdriver required and a 9-volt battery that lasts for 150 hours complete this excellent triple meter unit pet500 pet510 ph-ec-tds pet meter 224.95 pet replacement probe/electrode 104.95 phantastic solutions general hydroponics ph products provide consistent reliable results ph up and ph down are available as a liquid or a dry powder for safer shipping and handling gpud500 gh ph up dry 11/2 lb 12.95 gpud505 gpdd500 gpdd505 gpu505 gpu510 gpd505 gpd510 gh ph up dry 4 lb 19.95 gh ph down dry 11/2 lb 12.95 gh ph down dry 4 lb 19.95 gh ph up qt 12.95 gh ph up gal 29.95 gh ph down qt 12.95 gh ph down gal 29.95 our lowest-priced ph pen reliable ph testing doesn t have to cost a fortune if you re looking for an affordable easy-to use ph pen the champ is it featuring simple 1-point calibration and long battery life it has a range of 0 to 14 ph with an accuracy of ±0.2 ph calibration solution not included cha500 champ ph tester 52.95 three simultaneous displays the continuous-operating trimeter measures ph from 0-14 nutrient tds from 0-9990 ppm and nutrient temperature from 40-90° fahrenheit the trimeter is highly accurate with a ph accuracy of ±0.1 a tds accuracy of ±2 and a temperature accuracy of ±1° c or f place it in your reservoir and rely on it for at-a-glance measurement of these three critical factors tri500 tri505 trimeter 259.95 trimeter replacement ph probe 74.95 ph control starter kit controlling your solution s ph level is critical in hydroponics gardening this starter kit works in all our systems and includes one ph test kit and eight ounces each of ph up and down pc500 ph control kit 15.95 57 www.wormsway.com