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calibration solution guide for tds/ec combo meters gcs505 gcs510 grocheck solution 1500 dcs510 dcs520 tds solution 989 1500 std510 sunleaves tds essential solution mts505 milwaukee tds solution 1500 reliable results sts500 sharp tds solution 1382 ses500 sharp ec solution 1413 pes505 pet ec solution 1413 cwt505 tds solution 1382 tcs510 tds solution 1500 · primary manufacturer recommended calibration solutions o compatible calibration solutions get accurate readings every time with the highquality tds calibration solution from general hydroponics for use with tds testers measuring 1500 ppm tcs510 tds calibration solution 1500 qt 24.95 ph/ec/tds tds calibration solution this tds calibration solution is the perfect match for the trimeter page 57 cwt505 tds calibration solution 1382 230 ml 12.95 cwt500 dist500 gcc500 gtm500 pet500 sctm510 sew510 spem500 sptm500 step500 std500 stm500 stw500 tri500 ttw500 itm500 combo waterproof tester waterproof ec tds tester grocheck combo grocheck tds meter ph ec tds meter smart cal-test tds meter sharp ec waterproof tester smart portable ec meter smart portable tds meter sunleaves tds expert plus sunleaves tds essential smart 3-in-1 meter sharp tds waterproof tester trimeter waterproof tds tester low inline tds meter · · oooooooooooooooooooooo grocheck solution made from high-quality potassium chloride grocheck conductivity solution is standardized and calibrated conductivity value at 25°c 1,500 ppm comes with factory analysis certificate gcs505 gcs510 grocheck solution 1500 230 ml 11.95 grocheck solution 1500 460 ml 14.95 · · o o · · ooooo · · o o o sharp solutions you ll get reliable results from your sharp meter when you keep it calibrated with a sharp solution the ph solution kit includes one 4.01 solution and one 7.01 solution 220-ml each sts500 ses500 sps500 sharp tds solution 1382 220 ml 9.95 sharp ec solution 1413 220 ml 9.95 sharp ph solution kit 220 ml 18.95 ooooooooooo · oooooo · · o o · o o o · ooooooo · o o · oooo · please note -all ph calibration solutions are compatible with all ph meters -any tds solution can be used for meters with an adjustable conversion factor as long as meter is set accordingly -if a meter measures both ec and tds it is only necessary to calibrate one or the other the solution is simple these tds calibration solutions are sold as a set one bottle for adjustment at 989 ppm and another for 1500 ppm dcs510 dcs520 tds calibration solution 8 oz ea 989 and 1500 17.50 tds calibration solution pt ea 989 and 1500 24.95 pet ec solution pet ec solution allows you to calibrate your meter in moments conductivity value at 25°c 1,413 s/cm comes in fda approved opaque bottle to prevent light from damaging the solution pes505 pet ec solution 1413 230 ml 13.95 calibrate your meter use the two-solution calibration kit to calibrate your ph meter regardless of manufacturer each kit includes one bottle of ph 4.01 buffer solution and one bottle of ph 7.01 buffer solution pcs510 pcs520 ph calibration solution 8 oz ea 4.01 and 7.01 17.50 ph calibration solution pt ea 4.01 and 7.01 24.95 ph calibration solutions 4.01 and 7.0 calibration solutions are all you need for calibration of ph meters simply dip the probe in a small amount of the balanced solution adjust the meter according to instructions and you re ready to go pcs500 pcs505 pcs503 pcs504 ph calibration 7.0 solution 8 oz 6.95 ph calibration 7.0 solution 32 oz 24.95 ph calibration 4.01 solution 8 oz new size 6.95 ph calibration 4.01 solution 32 oz 24.95 electrode cleaning solution the two-part a b ph electrode cleaning solution is designed to clean and restore ph electrodes ecs510 ecs520 electrode cleaning solution 8 oz 17.50 electrode cleaning solution pt 24.95 ph 7 solution the hanna ph 7 calibration solution is compatible with ph testers hpc505 hanna ph 7 calibration solution 230 ml 13.95 keep those ph electrodes working a ph tester s electrode is a sensitive semi-porous membrane which must remain moist at all times to maintain its effectiveness electrode storage solution ensures safe storage for ph electrodes ess520 electrode storage solution pt 12.50 great to have in a pinch the ph test kit tests a ph range of 4.0 to 8.5 includes sampling tube reagent and color comparison chart conveniently printed on the bottle eight-ounce bottle of ph indicator available separately ptk500 pti500 ph test kit 6.95 ph test indicator 8 oz 9.95 58 800-274-9676