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propagation it floats great for starting seeds and clones the sunleaves float grow includes a standard flat and a reusable styrofoam insert with 55 earth-friendly super starter plugs all-natural super starter plugs retain a perfect air-to-water ratio which maximizes water retention and nutrient exposure to give plants the best start possible once rooted place the insert directly into an ebb and flow hydroponics system or plant plugs directly in soil replacement float grow inserts are available separately or you can refill your existing base with a 55-count bag of sunleaves super starter plugs below sfg300 sfg310 sunleaves float grow 55 cell 28.95 sunleaves float grow insert only 23.95 plugs for a good start sunleaves super starter plugs may be the next revolution in soilless culture they maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio and retain water incredibly well these bioactive plugs are made of composted tree bark using a proprietary composting process and are just the thing seedlings love sunleaves super starter plugs can be used in soil or hydroponics sssp300 sssp306 sssp355 sssp372 sunleaves super starter plug 1400 case 359.95 sunleaves super starter plug 6 2.95 sunleaves super starter plug 55 16.95 sunleaves super starter plug 72 21.95 plant life thriving in the light of saturn sunleaves saturn fluorescent fixtures provide more light with less power when used in conjunction with t8 or t12 fluorescent tubes sold separately these economical fixtures produce quiet flicker-free light in the appropriate spectrum range for healthy plant growth the saturn 2 x 2 accommodates 2 two-foot vitalume t8 tubes while saturns ii and iv accommodate 2 and 4 four-foot tubes respectively the saturn 2 x 2 and saturn ii power up when plugged into a grounded 120-volt power source and the larger saturn iv features a handy pull-cord all saturn fixtures feature hanging hardware a five-foot power cord built-in ballast and a one-year warranty sunleaves vitalume t8 tubes are the perfect match for sunleaves saturn fluorescent fixtures two-foot 17-watt tubes each output 1100 lumens while four-foot 34-watt tubes each output 2800 lumens both tube types have low energy consumption and produce the type of light necessary for vegetative plant growth sst102 sst104 sst144 svtt102cs svtt104cs sunleaves saturn 2 x 2 2 tube 39.95 sunleaves saturn ii 2 tube 39.95 sunleaves saturn iv 4 tube 99.95 sunleaves 2 vitalume t8 tubes 6 pk 54.00 sunleaves 4 vitalume t8 tubes 6 pk 54.00 when used with t8 tubes the sunleaves saturn can be used for all stages of plant growth see page 3 on how to choose an appropriate fluorescent lighting system for your particular indoor garden simulate natural light available as 24 20-watt tubes and 48 40-watt tubes verilux t12 fluorescent tubes fit standard two and four-foot fixtures like sunleaves saturns the 24 tube is rated at 14,000 life hours and covered by a twoyear warranty while the 48 tubes are rated at 26,000 life hours and include a three-year warranty all verilux tubes have a color temperature of 6280 kelvins vtb110cs 24 verilux 20w 6 pk 69.95 vtb150cs 48 verilux 40w 6 pk 69.95 vtb160cs 48 verliux 40w 12 pk 129.95 59 www.wormsway.com