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front license plate bracket x type power steering oil pressure switch center of hole to edge door lock rod clip door lock rod clips honda door lock rod clip door lock rod retainer clip rocker panel molding clips rocker panels molding clips rocker panel moulding clip metric hex flange nuts phillips round washer head screw door hinge pin bushing kit front bumper stone deflector honda civic year 2006 wheel opening mouldings ford pontiac grand prix 2004 cadillac front license plate bracket bolts threaded bolts pontiac grand prix 2000 front license plate bracket ford front license plate bracket front license plate brackets rear bumper mount bracket push mount cable tie rear license plate bracket door sill trim plates door sill trim plate front and rear bumpers body clips 2014 by wurth usa rocker panel moulding clips retaining clip mazda windshield moulding clips moulding clips buick buick side moulding clips belt moulding clips pontiac side moulding clips door moulding clips nylon panel retainers clips clip hood prop rod hood molding retaining clip trim moulding clip ford truck windshield moulding clips door panel clips gm rocker panel clip side moulding clips rocker panel clips side mouldings clips monte carlo rocker panel clip lock rod clips door panel retainer clips pontiac grand prix front clip rear windshield moulding clips rear bumper clips vw door trim panel clip

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© 2011 wurth usa inc revision 11/2011_newclips new clips art 150121284 gm grill clip gm overall height 14mm 9/16” material white nylon oe 5482087 chevrolet equinox 2005 2009 art 150121285 rocker panel moulding clip with sealer nissan top head size 10mm x 15mm bottom head size 18mm stem length 12mm fits into 8mm hole material black nylon oe 76882-eg01a nissan altima maxima 2010 art 150121286 specialty rivet mercedes benz diameter 6.3mm grip 4.80mm 6.80mm flange diameter 13mm material steel rivet steel mandrel oe 004-990-16-97 mercedes benz 2008 art 150121287 headliner retainer gm head dia 25mm stem dia 8mm stem length 58mm material opal grey nylon oe 25822063 chevrolet silverado hybrid 2010 art 150121288 hood insulation retainer nissan head dia 28mm stem dia 6mm stem length 10mm material black nylon oe 65846-4z000 nissan altima 2010 art 150121289 trim panel retainer nissan top head dia 12.5mm middle head dia 16mm bottom head dia 18mm stem dia 9.5mm stem length

© 2015 wurth usa inc revision 03/2015 new clips art 150121841 m5.2-2.0 x 20mm 12 x 25/32 phillips hex head sems® 12mm 1/2” washer o.d 8mm hex front bumper moulding material black e-coat toyota 75392-42030 toyota lexus 2010 on art 150121797 front bumper cover clip width 32mm length 39mm use with auveco no 21357 material black nylon toyota 53879-30040 lexus ct200h hs250h 2010 on toyota camry 2012 on art 150121825 moulding clip with sealer top head size 8mm x 18mm bottom head dia 15mm stem length 13mm fits into 8mm hole material white nylon gm 11611375 cadillac chevrolet gmc 2014 2013 art 150121790 hood insulation retainer head size 28mm x 30mm stem length 14mm overall height 16mm material black nylon ford w709688-s300 ford focus lincoln mkz 2012 on art 150121826 license plate tail light screw grommet with sealer m6.3-1.81 14 screw size head size 15mm x 15mm stem length 22mm material black nylon ford w711031-s300 ford edge explorer fiesta flex focus

chrysler • specialtty clips/retainers/moulding clips continued art 150121223 rocker moulding clip with sealer black nylon chrysler chrysler grand caravan and town country upper head size 21mm x 22mm bottom head size 22mm x 22mm stem length 9mm years 2008 oem chrysler 6509288aa art 150153032 door trim panel fastener chrysler art 150155757 rocker panel and bumper fascia clip jeep top head size 1/2” x 1-3/16” stem length 27/32” material black nylon oe 55156429-aa art 150155717 radiator grille cover fastener chrysler width 26mm length 26mm oe 4805570-aa art 150159270 moulding clip chrysler gm ford 10-24x1/2” bolt plate length 1-25/32” plate width 9/16” chrysler oe 1758099 6000720 6010046 art #150155484 grille to fascia fastener chrysler material phosphate oe 4676356 art #150159273 moulding fastener #10-24 x 3/4” bolt chrysler plate length 3/4” plate width 5/16” oe 1624705 6010093 art 150155557 #8 screw size chrysler

ford • specialty clips/retainers/moulding clips continued art 150155503 clip-rocker panel ground effects ford hole” m9 material black nylon oe f4zz-6310182-a art 150159556 retainer-fender moulding ford hole m10 material white nylon oe f57b-16241-aa art 150120978 rocker panel moulding clip ford ford 500 head size 22mm x 48mm stem length 14mm fits into 9mm hole years 2005 oem 6g1z-5410182-b art 150120977 rocker panel moulding clip ford ford 500 top head size 22mm x 30mm overall height 18mm years 2005 oem 6g1z-5410182-a art 150155691 rocker panel moulding clip ford lincoln head size 13mm x 39mm stem length 14mm fits into 9mm hole material black nylon oe f6dz-5410182-aa © 2014 wurth usa inc revision 12/2014 ford • hardware/bolts/screws art 150159419 bolt-bumper stainless steel capped pan head w/o nuts gm ford head dia m8 -1.25 x 25mm shoulder length 3mm material zinc oe n800744-s 14003784 p.r panel range art 150159008 stainless steel cap w/o nuts ford dia

© 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 gm • push type retainers continued art 150155046 trim panel retainer gm head dia 1/2” stem dia 3/4” stem length 9/32” material black nylon oe 411700 art 150155583 screen shroud vent gm head dia 19/32” stem dia 7/32” stem length 3/4” material black nylon oe 205-14862 art 150155153 moulding retainer gm material black nylon oe 20455900 art 150152011 door weatherstrip retainer gm material black nylon oe 8731909 art 150155140 cowl vent retainer gm material black nylon oe 20511451 art 150155399 trim panel retainer gm chrysler stem dia stem length bottom head dia material gm oe 21094146 chrysler oe 6501301 art 150153071 seat back retainer gm head dia 25/32” stem dia 5/16” stem length 15/16” hole m6.3 material black nylon oe 20319841 art 150155450 license plate bracket bumper fascia retainer gm material black nylon oe 3548804 art 150155397 shield retainer battery post cable

© 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 gm • hardware/body bolts/screws continued art 150159059 metric special tapping screws hex head sems gm diameter m4.2-1.41 x 16mm length 5/8 washer 12mm 15/32” hex 7mm material phosphate oe 11503395 art 150159455 hex washer head sems w teks point class 9.8 gm diameter m4.2-1.41 x 16mm washer o.d 12mm hex 7mm material black finish oe 11503578 11503785 art 150159378 body bolt gm diameter #8 length 20mm washer 16mm 5 8” hex 7mm material phosphate oe 11503892 11500434 art 150159389 hex tapping screw w/washer gm diameter m4.2x20mm length 20mm washer o.d 7mm a/f material black oe 11500434 art 150159146 washer head sems gm diameter m4.2-1.41 x 20mm washer od 12mm hex 7mm material phosphate oe 11504056 art 150159042 metric special tapping screw hex head sems gm diameter m6.3-1.81 x 16mm washer  17mm 11/16” hex 10mm material phosphate oe 11500994 art 150159039 body bolt hex head sem gm ford diameter 5/16-18 x 1”

honda • push type retainers continued art 150155035 retaining clip honda head dia 11mm stem length 13mm fits into snaps into 5mm panel thick 5mm material nylon oe 66435-648-0000 art 150155687 trim panel retaining clip honda mitsubishi nissan head dia 16mm stem dia 7mm stem length 16mm material black nylon honda oe 90667-671-013za mitsubishi oe mc44090 nissan oe 62660-48600-1 art 150155299 cowl top retaining clip honda head dia 14mm stem length 15mm fits into 6mm hole material nylon oe 91501-sm4-003 © 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 art 150121208 door trim panel retainer gray nylon acura honda acura rdx honda civic cr-v pilot years 2009 top head size 13mm middle head size 16mm bottom head 18mm stem length 12mm fits into 8.5mm hole oem 91560-slj-j01 p.r panel range 06.hon020 art 0500785016 push retainer honda art 150152045 rear hood cowl weatherstrip retainer clip honda head dia 8mm x 18mm fits into 7mm hole stem length 15mm material black nylon oe

© 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 mazda • screw grommets art 150155049 mazda nissan renault dimensions 9.5 x 9.5 mm screw size #8 snaps into 7 x 7mm hole material white nylon nissan oe 96706-b0700 mazda oe 9991-00-412 art 150155589 mazda dimensions 12mm x 12 mm fits into snaps into 8mm x 8mm hole screw size #10 material natural nylon oe 9991-00-501 art 0500789068 spreader nut mazda oe 999100501 art 150155576 mazda honda toyota nissan dimensions 13 x 13 mm fits into snaps into 8.5mm x 8.5mm hole screw size #10 material natural nylon honda oe 75521-611-0000 toyota oe 90189-06010 nissan oe 96706-p0105 mazda oe 9991-00-601 art 150155120 clip mazda honda nissan screw size #10 length 17 mm width 17 mm fits into 8 mm x 8.5 mm material natural nylon honda oe 90662-671-0030 nissan oe 68425-h5000 mazda oe 9991-00-503 art 150155082 screw grommet #6 screw size 9.5mm wide 9.5mm long mazda nissan stem length 16mm fits into 7mm x 7mm hole material natural nylon nissan oe

scion • specialty clips/retainers/moulding clips art 150120757 front fender bumper cover retainer lexus toyota scion gs 300/350/430/460 gs450h avalon camry xb years 2000 oem 47749-58010 scion • rivets art 150120835 rivet lexus toyota scion es 300/330/350 is f js 460/600h camry camry hybrid celica fj cruiser matrix prius years 2000 oem 90269-06017 © 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 scion • multi-head retainers art 150121102 door trim panel retainer with sealer lexus scion toyota es 300/330/350 gx 470 is 250/350/f ls 460/600h,lx 570 rx 330/350/400h sc430 xa xb xd 4 runner camry/hybrid corolla fj cruiser highlander/hybrid matrix land cruiser rav 4 sequia solara tacoma tundra yaris hatchback/sedan years 2001 oem 90467-a0005 p.r panel range

volvo • push-in type retainers art 050012428 nylon spread rivet volvo mercedes benz volvo oe 947-098 benz oe 000-990-03-92 art 150155063 rocker panel retainer volvo head dia 16mm stem length 14mm fits into 9mm material black nylon oe 9133417-7 art 150155428 bumper cover push-type retainer volvo head dia 16mm stem length 14mm hole 6mm material black nylon oe 1268176-3 © 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 volvo • specialty clips/retainers/moulding clips art 150155712 radiator grille clip volvo width 9mm length 30mm material white nylon oem 1372920-7 p.r panel range art 0500555066 side moulding clip volvo oe 1304520 06.vol005 art 050014142 push in rivet retainer volvo material black nylon oe