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multi-purpose lithium grease features multi-purpose grease • formulated to possess excellent resistance to water wash out • provides superior lubrication at temperatures from 0˚f to +275˚f • not recommended for use in disc brake wheel bearing applications where long service intervals apply premium high temperature • complex with excellent extreme pressure characteristics • temperature range is -10˚f to +400˚f • particularly recommended for chassis lubrication and wheel bearings using disc brakes of late model automobiles with extended lubrication intervals • applications automotive truck fleets agricultural construction and industrial equipment art 1 lb tub multi-purpose grease 08904001 14 oz tube multi-purpose grease 08904002 14 oz cartridge high temp grease 08904003 © 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 description 04.0170 for professional use

engine degreaser high foam high-performance this product is a high performance engine degreaser which provides long lasting expanding foam which can reach hidden areas and effectively remove dirt grease oil from engine surfaces this product is ideal for use on automotive truck tractor and other off-road vehicle engines application engine and parts must be off cool and dry all areas sensitive to water damage must be securely covered with plastic which would include all electronic and electrical components carburator distributor air intake system etc 50 state compliant suitable for all engine types spray engine and parts to be cleaned wait 5 to 10 minutes then flush off surfaces with a steady spray of water a wire brush can be used on heavily soiled areas allow the cleaned area to dry completely before removing the protective plastic and starting the engine use the least amount of water necessary for removing the cleaner and dirt collect all contaminated rinse water and dispose of in

professional headlight restoration kit cont 3 1000-grit scuff pads #1000-grit scuff pads are made from resincoated non-woven synthetic fiber material so rust isn’t an issue like it is for steel wool the resincoated non-woven scuff pads are equivalent to 1000-grit sandpaper so they are very aggressive to make your restoration project faster and easier three dimensional abrading action these pliable scuff pads measure 1/4” thick from non-woven non-directional individual fibers each fiber strand is coated with an abrasive resin material which provides you with multi-dimensional abrading action instead of a singular non-dimensional surface this three dimensional feature means you get more life out of each scuff pad with greater versatility for use features • long-lasting cutting ability • flexibility pads conform to surface being sanded or scuffed • more uniform material removal flexibility means equal pressure over curved surfaces • • •

powerbond high-strength two-component epoxy resin system for repairs to motor vehicle bodies replaceable parts description art powerbond motor vehicle body adhesive 225 ml 0893450100 mixer tip 08919609 © 2011 wurth usa inc revision 07/2014 technical data chemical basis color density application temperature application time hardening time final strength shore d hardness din 53505 tensile strength astm d-638 epoxy resin black 1.1 g/cm3 +59˚f to +77˚f 60 minutes 4 hours after 72 hours 80 30 mpa tensile shear strength en 1465 1.7 mpa after 4 hours 13.3 mpa after 8 hours 19.0 mpa after 17 hours resistant to thermal stability shelf life measured at 73.4˚f features high-strength epoxy resin adhesive • the repair restores the original strength and stiffness • fewer spot welds • meets the requirements of motor-vehicle manufacturers glass-particle technology • even if strong pressure is exerted an adhesive thickness of 0.7 to1.2 mm remains excellent

euroseal gel euroseal gel offers very high automotive sealing performance the cured sealant exhibits very good physical properties including excellent adhesion to most surfaces including painted and non painted metal rubber glass wood and concrete it is also non staining use for all sealing and adhesive applications it has a “flowing” consistency for application to small and medium vertical and horizontal joints fast curing allows painting within 30 minutes stays permanently flexible withstands oxidation salt water and most solvents when cured provides an oem look when cured art 5 fl oz tube clear 18920104 applications • surface should be clean and grease and oil free • to fill and seal small openings in channel glazing porcelain panel construction sealing and bedding applications subject to racking and distortions on automobiles trucks trailers buses boats and trailer bodies • automotive water leaks • tent patching • bath tub calk •

wurth enamels tough durable high quality finish for use on most types of metal and wood quick dry sag resistant formula excellent coverage extra fine filter eliminates clogging wurth enamels is a top quality spray paint that is economically priced it provides a tough finish that is durable and inhibits rust a complete line of high gloss colors with some available in semi-gloss and flat finishes for maximum protection bare or rusted metal surfaces should be primed features • contains extra solids to produce the best coverage possible • each can features a full length dip tube and special mixer disc for better color uniformity suggested uses • most types of metal wood and wicker such as toys bikes garden equipment filing cabinets desks and tables benefits • quick dry • good hiding qualities • good adhesion • resists cracking peeling and chipping description art 12 fl oz aerosol flat black 08929183 12 fl oz aerosol gloss black 08929184 12 fl

high strength short fiber reinforced filler high strength short fibre reinforced filler is a multi-purpose high strength short fibre reinforced filler designed to repair rusted-out spots holes tears and cracks on fibreglass regular and galvanized steel aluminum and smc this waterproof formulation also provides excellent featheredging and sanding properties excellent for marine applications cream hardener included features • high strength • waterproof • multi purpose • easy to spread © 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 maximum fill depth 1/4 description art 3l 0.8 gal container 08928005 cream hardener replacement 08928009 04.0750 for professional use

warranty seal features • multiple shop uses to prevent tampering after work has been completed • oil change quick lubes use to prevent drain plug tampering • transmission shops use to protect warranties high temperature resistant • a/c technicians use to prevent refrigerant tampering • used by local state and federal governments • visually detect any movement or tampering once the component has been marked • dries fast adheres to all metal and other surfaces • effective for pan marking description art 1.8 oz yellow marker 089312886 © 2011 wurth usa inc revision 03/2011 prevent tampering reduce warranty claims effective for pan marking 04.0835 for professional use

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